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 A Flower Caught My Eye The Pain of Love 6/2/2012
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 A Real Princess Dark Poetry 5/19/2012
 A Heart That Beats To Grieve Love 5/19/2012
 Letters Grieving and Loss 5/19/2012
 A Simple Tree Inspirational Poems 5/18/2012
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A Flower Caught My Eye

As I walked a mountain path one flower caught my eye,
her beauty made me stop, she could not be passed by.
Gently, I looked closer and touched the precious gem,
suddenly, the petals fell off of her stem.

Sitting down to ponder, my mind raced back in time
to a girl I loved when young and in my prime.
Funny, how minds bring memories to take thoughts away
and in a flash brings sadness to our happy days.

I thought she was behind me, this love from my past,
but a simple flower has shown it always lasts.
All my photographs of us are faded gray and old,
yet, I keep them safe, as if they are pure gold.

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