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 Things To Leave Behind Love 8/18/2012
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Halloween Guest

In a black wooden coffin I lay my head,
nightime will see me wake up undead.
How lucky you will be chained to my wall,
what glorious evil you will befall.

Scream all you want not one soul will hear,
it builds my hunger to smell your fear.
Your blood will be shared, your wifes I won't waste,
I'll sip hers like wine to savor it's taste.

You will have the priviledge of feeding my nest,
pride you should feel to die as my guests.
Mercy you asked for, so I might pluck your eyes,
then you won't see the other one die.

Your lifeblood sustains me like many before,
legions have fed me, there will be more.
Satan, my father, has made me this way,
to feed at night and sleep in the day.

Your God must be happy of the things I do,
I keep Heaven full of fools like you.
Look for me to knock on your door tonite,
you can be my guest, then enjoy my bite.


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