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Day Before the Night Before Christmas

It was December the 23rd
and Santa was packing his sleigh
saying to his reindeer, 'We've got
lots of traveling to do today, tomorrow
is Christmas Eve and I have lots of
surprizes up my sleeve!'

The reindeer grumbled and were ill-at-ease,
Santa was worried and asked 'Aren't
you pleased?'
One reindeer who asked not to be identified,
stepped forward and replied,
'Christmas now is just a word!'
The other reindeer joined in,
'There's no peace on earth, no
good will between men!'
'No good will between people!' a liberated
reindeer chirped in!

Santa was aghast and could not believe
what he had just heard.
It startled him - It made him sad,
Why Christmas was the time of year, to
make folks glad.
A joyful, happy time of year!
'I'll do some spot checking,' Santa said to
Mrs. 'C:...
'Christmas has lost its true meaning?'
'This cannot be!'
'That is tragic!'

With a little Santa magic, he transformed
himself into a little child with a polka dot face,
This way he could represent every race.
He went carolling the world over,
and begged passers-by, 'Please sing along!'
But no one would join him in song.
He was cold -
His clothes were tattered and torn.
No one offered him shelter, they looked
upon him with scorn.

He stopped at several houses, but no one
would let him in.
Some shouted, 'Come back again!'
They were busy decorating and wrapping
presents galore, but no one would open
their door.
Santa saw a family strolling hand in hand.
'What does Christmas mean to you?'
he asked, stepping up to the man.
'Presents for one and all!' said he.
'Trees a-glitter, houses in holiday dress!'
said she.
'Toys!' said the little ones jumping with
glee. 'If you are really good, santa will bring you
a color TV!'
'But he won't find your house on the other
side of the track, you're poor and ugly with
that polka dot face, I know santa won't find
your place!
They laughed and scoffed, 'Why you're a disgrace!'

'Christmas means a brand new car!' said the
next hurried gent..
The next lady said, 'Christmas made me spend
every cent!'
Poor Santa was really sad,
No one had said 'Merry Christmas!' Santa
thought to himself, 'This is really bad.'
He shook his head, he pondered,
'Is Christmas really dead?'

No one had mentioned the babe in the manger,
or the wise men who traveled afar...
No one mentioned Mary or Joseph or
the bright guiding star.
Santa slumped his shoulders and headed
back home...
His heart was heavy, he felt all alone.

Then suddenly bells chimed, it was Christmas
A lone man appeared and took the little child
Santa by his tattered sleeve.
'Come child' he said softly, 'I'll share my
meal with you, it is not much but it should
warm you through and through.'
He wrapped his worn scarf around Santa's cold
Santa thanked him...'Merry Christmas!' the stranger said,
I am traveling to Bethlehem' and he was gone again.
'Merry Christmas!' said Santa as the stranger
disappeared from sight...'Christmas lives!'
He shouted, 'The reindeer were wrong and
I was right!'
Carollers sang in the distance,
'Deck The Hall!'...'Silent Night!'


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