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The Fishing Hole - Challenge

I shall always remember,
It was a balmy Saturday morning
Grandpa Jim and me were heading
For the fishing hole,
He was a spry old man of seventy-two,
I was just ten years old.

We were lazing along
Me kicking stones and
Grandpa Jim was humming low
About some friend of his
I never met called Ole Black Joe.

'You studin' history in school today'
'Yes sir Grandpa,' I hastened to say.
'They telln' you about Paul Roberson,
Martin Luther King and Malcom X?'
'No Grandpa, they're not in our text!'

'Teacher's telling us about the things
That made this nation grow, about
Cllumbus, the Mayflower, the Boston
Tea Party and Queen Isabella,
But it must be a secret about those
Other fellas.'

Grandpa had a fierce look on his face
And took me by the hand.
He said, 'Let me tell you a little about
The blood of these colored men that
Helped to fertilize this land.'

He said, 'Now Paul Roberson was a man
Of greatness, a man of the arts.
He gave us richness when his voice
Rang out in song,
But they said he talked against this
Country and that what he did was wrong.
So, he was exiled and this nearly broke
His heart, but he went somewhere else
And got another start.'

Grandpa continued, looking off to the distant sky,
As tears fell shamelessly from
His eyes.
He continued, 'Now Malcom could have led
An army if he had not been killed and
For sure it's gonna be hard for his boots to be filled.
Some say he was wrong, some say he was right,
Some say his ideas were just too full with dynamite.'

'Martin Luther King, that man was
Free spirited, a warrior of peace and had a dream
That has not yet come true, but he died trying
To make things easy for black and white children
Just like you!'

He said, 'I know child, there's a whole lot
About this you don't rightly understand,
But you got to always remember the names of
Colored folks that helped to build this great land.'

'Pal Roberson, Martin Luther King and
Malcom X...As long as you got'em in your
Heart, I won't worry about the text.'
Now when you go to school tomorrow,
You tell 'em what you know!'...and
With a bounce in his step, he started
To sing again about his friend, 'Ole Black Joe'!

Entry for the All Star Challenge with the multi phrase 'I shall always remember' hosted by whispermoon

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