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Hard Times

Now the theory is going around
That ignorance is bliss...
So lets speculate
While we sit back and reminisce!
Lets talk about hard times in your house and mine,
When we thought we were having a real fine time.

Now to start with, mama always said,
'Let's get one thing straight,
If you want to eat children don't
You come to this table late!'

Remember Sunday mornings
With the table all a spread
With syrup and molasses
And your mama's home made bread?

Cornbread and fried fish
Was the Friday special all over town,
Or at least it was in the 'Ghetto'
As they call it now!

About 'butter', we didn't know
So we spread our bread with 'Oleo!'
You mixed it yourself with a dot of bright!
You mixed it and mixed it until it was right!

Hot dogs weren't wasted on rolls
Why one hot dog would feed two souls!
Diced it up with onions, green peppers
And fried potatoes...
Or simmer in dumplings, corn and stewed tomatoes.

Hamburgers were not made to
Squeeze between a bun,
Cheeseburgers, humph, there weren't none!

Apple butter - peach cobbler
Jelly and sugar bread,
Peanut butter sandwiches
Before going to bed!

On school mornings, hominy grits
Smothered with grease gravy was the thing,
And for supper, we thought chickens only had three parts,
The neck, the back and the wing!
Oops! Lets not forget the feet,
Remove the nails and skin
And you had a foot patting treat!.

In the city, greens were always hand picked,
Fresh from the wagon,
Seasoned with fat back or 'strip-a-lean'
Add a few potatoes and lick the platter clean!
Left over Pot Liquor was the ghetto kitchen kicker!

On a cold, cold day, nothing would do,
But mama's potato and neck bone stew.
Or lima or soup beans were served piping hot...
Or black eyed peas and rice were cooking
In the same ole pot!
Called it 'Hopping John' for a fancy sound,
Add a few hot peppers and really get down!

Hot yeast rolls,
Salmon and onions spread over rice,
Boy! You didn't have to fill your plate up twice!
Span was the uptown specialty!
Span, now a delicacy,
And Pig's feet, chitterling, ham hocks and such,
Which we rarely have in these prosperous days
Because they cost so much!

You know , in those 'Hard Times'
No matter how many kids were at the dinner table,
Your mama said, 'Bring your friends home, I'm sure
We'll be able to dish up enough for one more plate,
She never blinked an eye and didn't hesitate,
Saying, 'Oh I ate before you came in!'

I could go on and on and still miss
Your favorite hard times dish...
Hard times and home cooking,
Boy, how I wish we had 'em back,
Cause every meal was dished up with love
And that's a natural fact!

We talk about hard times, in your hose and mine,
But we thought we were having a real fine time!

Entry for The No Frills Challenge hosted by Kajuncutie

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