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So Precious Is Time-Saga of Innosence

His name is Leslie Vass
A fine young man with a shady past,
not of his own making you see,
But the victim of mistaken identity.

'Oh it's you!' said his accuser,
'You ain't nothing but a loser,
You're the one who held the gun on me,
So your Honor, don't you set him free!'

'You are sentenced too twenty years for your crime,
With good behavior, we might shorten the time.'
'But I'm innocent!' said Mr. Vass.
'Hush up boy!' said the judge, 'The time will pass!'

Pass it did, but very slow,
Just like being on death row...
'But I'm innocent!' said Mr. Vass
'Hush up boy!' said his jailer,
The time will pass!'

'Take another look!' pleaded Mr. Vass, 'Don't you see,.
I'm the victim of mistaken identity!':
'Close your mouth boy, the time will pass,
Serve your time, be good and it will go fast!'
'But I am innocent!' cried Mr. Vass.

He was 17 when this all started,
Left his mama broken hearted.
'But Ma, I am innocent!' wailed Mr. Vass,
'Huss up son, I pray, the time will go fast!

Well they sent him from prison to prison
Over the next decade,
He had to work hard to keep a cool, clear head.
'I'm innocent!' was his daily chant.
The big bosses complained, 'How that boy does rant,
Wouldn't be locked up if he was innocent!'

One day it was like looking in the mirror,
'Come closer sir, I want to see you clearer!'
The man looked just like Mr. Vass,
It was just like peering in a looking glass.

'I'm going to send your picture to a friend of mine,
So he can show it to the fellow that accused me
of this crime!'
'I told them I was innocent!: whispered Mr. Vass,
Looking at you is like looking in a looking glass!'

'Boy you are crazy!' said the double of Mr. Vass
'Get out of my face and do it fast!'
But it was too late for him, he was backed in a corner,
Mr. Vass yelled, 'Man, you are a goner!

Well, they showed the photo to the accuser, who ranted,
'How come you to free this loser?'
'That is not Mr. Vass!, said the investigator,
'That boy sure has cause to hate ya!'
'Guess you are innocent Mr. Vass, but didn't
We tell you the time would go fast!'

'I'm so sorry!' said Mr. Vass' accuser,
Guess now you really do feel like a loser,
Please accept my apology Mr. Vass, but
Didn't the time go fast!'

They story was in the newspapers and he was
on TV
Everyone was asking, 'Aren't you glad just to be free?'
'I ain't free yet!' said Mr. Vass,
Still sought of living in the past...
Just got evicted, couldn't pay the rent,
Nobody gives a damn that I was innocent!'

He called the mayor, wrote to the Governor,
Mr. Vass was feeling mighty sore.
Can't seem to get any compensation,
Just surviving on handouts and frustration.

He called his Congressman and the State's Attorney,
They all agreed it had been a rough journey.
He called his Senator and the NAACP,
They all said they were glad he was free,
Please help me was his plea...

So now Leslie Vass is out on the street,
27 now, tall, lean, polite and neat.
Can't get a job because of his time in jail
The Poster Boy for one the system did fail!

I said, 'Hold on Mr. Vass, just remember this too shall pass,
Just remember to pray and in God's loving care, the time will go fast!'


For the No Frills Challenge hosted by Kajuncutie

(I was working as secretary for our Baltimore Senator in Annapolis, Maryland when this young man came into our office and told me this true story...1986)

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