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Father's Day

I'm going to visit my Dad today
To tell him how much he means
Take him a gift filled with love
Just for him from me

We'll remember times from days gone by
when I was just a child
Riding on his shoulders
so I could touch the sky

Waiting for him on a friday morn
when he'd return from labouring long,
deep down in a cold dark mine
swept up in his arms so strong

Then later on when in my teens
He was truly my best mate
I would talk to him about anything
Even when I got in late!

We had such fun, just dad and me
long walks, the flicks and such
and whenever he saw I was in despair
he would give me a tender touch.

He used to call us all 'his women'
my sisters, my mum and me
we were his world there is no doubt
of his love for all to see

He walked me proudly up the aisle
upon my wedding day
and there was a tear in both our eyes
as slowly we made our way

My Dad is my hero, my guide and my friend
I cherish all that he gave
So I'll wish him a Happy Father's Day
and lay my flowers of love on his grave.

In Memory of my amazing Dad, Miss you xx

For the Fathers Day Challenge
Host: poetalthomas

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