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 Love's Temptress Love 11/23/2006
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 Where Now My Love? Love Triangle 9/18/2006
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 My Special Little Angels Dedications 9/7/2006
 You Make Me Feel Special I Love You 9/2/2006
 OH TEENAGERS! Humorous Poems 4/26/2006
 Why? Misc 4/19/2006
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Love's Temptress

Come my love and sup with me
Honey from the humble bee
Let thy lips with mine entwine
and lick it from my mouth like wine

Come my love and sit with me
Beside the fire's dancing flame
Let thy body soft recline
Into these eager arms of mine

Come my love, thy eyes now close
Lay thy head upon the rose
Of my breast, let me be
A source of peace to comfort thee

Come my love and feast your fill
Upon the food of love I will
Give to you so willingly
To taste and savor hungrily

Come now my love, join passionately
The dance of dreams I offer thee
And once again make love's caress
Thy own desire with drowning kiss

Breathe your scent into my heart
And bind my being to your soul
Let thy lips burn as a brand
Til we lie sated at thy command.

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