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My Precious Daughter

I gazed upon your tiny face on the day that you were born,
Your cheeks tinged pink with sleep's sweet blush
Which matched the light of dawn.
I stroked the thatch of downy hair which across your brow did fall
And held you, awed, in my soft embrace to keep you safe from harm.

Throughout the years I watched you grow from infant child so small,
To the day when first to school you wore your uniform.
On through the years new steps you took, sometimes on your own
Until the day when, suddenly, a young woman you'd become,
Yet still I smiled in wonder at how that time had flown.

Then came the day when as a bride, you came to take love's vow
Walking serene on your brother's arm to meet your own love now.
My breath it stilled within my breast, my heart just burst with pride
As I watched the vision before me, two hearts as one combine
And then, as you turned together, your eyes locked softly with mine.

Now once again I gaze with awe upon a tiny face,
At cheeks tinged pink, but not with sleep, with cries of rage apace!
A nurse holds out this tiny babe, who in my arms I fold
And shush to calm with whisperings of wondrous pride and love,
Then place him very gently back into the comfort of Mum's hold.

Now life has turned full circle, as I watch with gentle pride
A mother cradle softly within her arms her child
And gaze with that same wonder I felt upon that day
When I first held in love's embrace
My daughter and my joy.

This poem is dedicated to my beautiful caring daughter Julie, (jt-fragile)
I love you so very very much and I'm so proud of you I could burst!!

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