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 Loves Whisper Cinquain 9/19/2003
 A PLACE OF MAGICAL SPACE Fantasy Poems 9/22/2003
 For Forever And A Day I Love You 7/31/2005
 I See I Love You 8/1/2005
 I Offer To You No Resistance I Love You 7/31/2005
 True Love Is A Treasure I Love You 7/31/2005
 From Friendship I Love You 9/21/2003
 ~If Only The Here And Now~ Insight 8/22/2005
 ~Jesus Our Saviour~ Inspirational Poems 2/12/2007
 This Music Love 9/23/2003
 ~Love~ Love 9/23/2008
 We Want To Just...BE Love 3/31/2006
 ~When Two Souls Unite~ Love 1/20/2006
 ~Enter Into My Heart~ Love 1/19/2006
 ~My Best Friend, My love~ Love 1/19/2006
 ~Like A Spring Flower Garden~ Love 3/24/2009
 The Quietness Of Your Strength Love 8/22/2005
 You Are There, Here With Me Love 9/21/2003
 ~We Write Each Other Poetry~ Love 1/20/2006
 Calmness After My Storm Love 9/23/2003
 ~As Fall Of Autumn Appears~ Nature 9/23/2008
 The Lonely Of Alone The Pain of Love 1/19/2006
 Stars And Moon Of Summer Triolet 9/22/2003
 A Miracle Called Love Triolet 7/16/2005

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