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Playground Challenge

The schoolyard was the place to be and that's where I'd be found
The playground was convenient, nicely centered in the town

Games like tag and hide and seek was what we love to play
But today brought something different, for a challenge had been made

Each wore a fancy marble bag that hung beside their waist
This boy and girl was ready and both gladly took their place

Out poured a bag of marbles with some small and large in size
While both selected marbles,each had winning in their eyes

The final move was now at hand and then I made my roll
This mild manner girl named Rose,was gonna pay the toll

A straight on hit was made and knocked her marble out of sight
A cheer went up from all the guys and I felt quite alright

I looked across to see the girl and yelled,' I won this game!'
That's when I saw her temper rise and then she called me names

Her face turned red and as I stared I thought she would explode
We all refused to hesitate,we ran fast down the road

We stopped beside an old oak tree to take a breath to rest
My friends were looking back for her and then I did suggest

Tomorrow try to be a friend,she isn't what you see
She simply lost her marbles and refused to play with me!

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