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 Satan Challenge Poems 8/18/2009
 Paper and Glue Challenge Poems 8/17/2009
 The Fragile Leaf Challenge Poems 8/16/2009
 My Love For You Challenge Poems 8/13/2009
 Dad Challenge Poems 8/13/2009
 Aiming High Challenge Poems 8/12/2009
 A Muse Challenge Poems 8/2/2009
 What is it? Challenge Poems 7/23/2009
 Anything Goes Challenge Poems 7/23/2009
 The King of Kings Challenge Poems 7/22/2009
 Hey Diddle Diddle Challenge Poems 7/20/2009
 An Old Grey Truck Challenge Poems 7/18/2009
 Celebrate Challenge Poems 7/15/2009
 Pedels of Devotion Challenge Poems 7/8/2009
 The Proposal Challenge Poems 6/3/2009
 My Poem Misc 5/16/2009
 Blinded By The Light Misc 5/10/2009
 Echo Challenge Poems 5/9/2009
 Tears Misc 5/3/2009
 Somewhere Beyond Misc 4/11/2009
 A Child's Dream Challenge Poems 4/11/2009
 Airs Sweet Surprise Challenge Poems 4/11/2009
 Pet Fears Challenge Poems 4/6/2009
 I Will Listen Challenge Poems 4/5/2009
 Who Am I ? Challenge Poems 4/5/2009
 The Invisible Threat Challenge Poems 4/4/2009
 The Chicken Dinner Challenge Poems 3/29/2009
 I Shall Be First Challenge Poems 3/29/2009
 Within the Wings of a Butterfly Challenge Poems 3/19/2009
 Monopoly Challenge Poems 3/19/2009
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His lurking power watches you
You're stalked most night and day
Intending to destroy your life
And lead your soul astray

His evil mind gives him a plan
You'll never have a clue
You may feel like you're in control,
But he's controlling you

He'll guide you through dark shadows dim
And never leave a trace
He'll plant a stumbling block for you
To fall right on your face

Don't ever let him guide you down
The long and winding road
Decisions that you make with him
Can very well explode

Yes, Satan is a lier
He generates disgrace
He and his angels will be casted
In Hell's tormented place

The harvest's ready now my friend
Grab God's unchanging hand
Let's Build our house on solid rock
Instead of sinking sand

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