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Nose Hairs

I tug and pull at my nose hairs
I'm almost out of hope
For everytime I take a breath
they knit just like a rope

I have to be real careful
for at times they form a noose
They make their way around my neck
It's hard to pry them loose

My friends just stand in disbelief
whenever I converse
The slightest touch of hair on them
They shuffle and disperse

I talk as if I have a cold
the hairs act like a plug
They seem to catch most everything
like boogers, flys and bugs

I'd like to try and kiss my wife
sneak up without her knowing
They tap her shoulders every time
because they're always growing

Sometimes I sneeze occasionally
or spit into the air
The liquid boomerangs at me
and clings to all the hairs

The secrets out, I cannot hide
You'ld think I didn't care
But using Nare or shaving them
Just adds more growth of hair

I cannot sell or ebay them
The locks of hair sent in
Not one response have I recieved
It seems I just can't win

I guess I'll never stop the growth
They're getting thick and big
I'll live the best I can with them
They make an awesome wig

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