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The Fly

Awaken by a buzzing noise
I opened up my eyes
While I was still yet in my bed
I saw this pesky fly

He flew around the room so fast
It hurt my eyes to see
Zig zagging here,zig zagging there
He aggravated me

He landed then he flew away
He circled then came back
Irritation on his mind
I was his planned attack

My eyes were crossed as he came close
My hand moved in to kill
Directly standing in my face
He stood so bold and still

He disappeared without a clue
I glanced around the room
Just like a mystery taking place
I knew he'd be back soon

I closed my eyes still thinking how
I'd get him when he's near
That's when he flew around my head
and landed on my ear

I rolled around dropped off the bed
and fell onto the floor
My fingers sticking in my ears
I couldn't take no more

I ran into the living room
and grabbed a magazine
Then tipped toed back where I'd resume
and tried to be unseen

I promised to destroy this fly
but then I claimed defeat
When I found him snoring in my bed
stretched out and fast asleep.

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Tiny Teddy/moderator
Theme: Compassion

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