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 Reverse Roles Challenge Poems 10/24/2008
 PIZZA Love 10/19/2008
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 Body Language Silly Poems 10/18/2008
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 A New Day Challenge Poems 9/12/2008
 The Starlite Cafe Challenge Poems 9/6/2008
 Unscrambling A Word Challenge Poems 9/6/2008
 Walking Life's Road Inspirational Poems 9/2/2008
 The Cook Silly Poems 8/30/2008
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 Taste the Magic Misc 8/25/2008
 The Diner Challenge Poems 8/23/2008
 Lesson of Fun Humorous Poems 8/23/2008
 The Son Will Shine Tomorrow Inspirational Poems 8/23/2008
 Lovey-Dovey Humorous Poems 8/19/2008
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 As The Candle Burns Love 8/11/2008
 What I Wanted To Be Challenge Poems 8/3/2008
 Take My Hand and Lead Me Away Challenge Poems 8/2/2008
 The Macho Kid Humorous Poems 7/8/2008
 What my Pet May Say... Challenge Poems 7/3/2008
 Ten Word Challage Misc 5/15/2008
 A Buffet of Love Challenge Poems 4/30/2008
 Mothers Are... Challenge Poems 4/30/2008
 My Shortcut to Home Silly Poems 4/26/2008
 I'll Live for Him Spiritual Poems 4/26/2008
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Reverse Roles

Sweat rolls down the crevices of her face
Her body is tired and she's covered with beads of water
slowly sliding down her hairy back
She's tired, She feels she cannot go another mile.
She closes her eyes , desperately trying to catch her breath
She drops into her favorite chair
All she wants is five minutes of peace and quiet
But her husband keeps nagging
She regains her composer even with indigestion
She burps, then relaxes her feet across the footstool
Her blouse is still wet with moisture, and tucked halfway into her dress
She pays it no mind, she has a task to fulfill
She has planted herself, in her room ,where her creative skills reoccur over and over
With the tv remote in her hand, she's in control

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