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 Memories Life 11/1/2016
 Share With Me In Silence Love 10/31/2016
 Write A Poem Misc 10/29/2016
 Friend Childrens Poetry 10/21/2016
 You Caught Me Dreaming Misc 10/21/2016
 Little Winged Notes Inspirational Poems 10/19/2016
 Thinking Humorous Poems 10/14/2016
 Messages Misc 8/31/2016
 Pictures Misc 8/25/2016
 Electrician Misc 8/22/2016
 With Ease Misc 8/9/2016
 The Contest Humorous Poems 7/29/2016
 Forty Words Misc 7/29/2016
 Poem Misc 7/15/2016
 Inspector Humorous Poems 7/14/2016
 Yesteryear Misc 6/2/2016
 The Wait Misc 5/2/2016
 HEARTBEAT Misc 12/2/2015
 THE BONFIRE Misc 11/30/2015
 The Observation Humorous Poems 10/29/2015
 The Sky Misc 10/28/2015
 The Penny Misc 10/10/2015
 I Didn't See You Looking Humorous Poems 8/31/2015
 Another Write Humorous Poems 7/20/2015
 Moment to Moment Inspirational Poems 1/23/2015
 Summer Is Delayed Humorous Poems 12/25/2013
 SMILE Misc 7/27/2013
 Calvery's Love Inspirational Poems 4/16/2013
 Hear My Plea Song Lyrics 1/21/2013
 Baffled? Misc 1/18/2013
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Though faraway yet in my heart it brings you close to me
I close my eyes and in my mind are precious memories
Time can't erase ,what's dear to me ,my mind does occupy
A valuable retention, you simply cannot buy.

I'll focus and recall those times to me that will not fade
Wrapped tightly tucked away is love in memories you gave
Reflecting back I'll hold those pictures frozen still in time
That each and every passing day reverberates my mind

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