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 The Ole Homestead Misc 2/17/2017
 Hidden Message Childrens Poetry 2/16/2017
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 THE BONFIRE Misc 11/30/2015
 The Observation Humorous Poems 10/29/2015
 The Sky Misc 10/28/2015
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The Ole Homestead

There's absence in the ole homestead
No light beam from a lamp
A room untouched and darkened
that feels so cold and damp
An empty kitchen table
where family once were fed
Two pillows lying silent
on a worn out wrinkled bed
A dusty family Bible
still placed where it was laid
The pages to John 3:16
while reading it one day
They're life on earth no longer filled
with troubles and of strife
A transformation has occurred
to everlasting life.
I heard it said they might have been
an angel unaware
Just climb the stairs to Heaven, friend
and you will find them there.

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