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 Lessons  Inspirational Poems 10/17/2017
 Within A Poem Misc 7/13/2017
 Time Misc 5/29/2017
 Diet Misc 5/19/2017
 The Perfect Face Misc 5/12/2017
 Good and Plenty Misc 5/11/2017
 The Beast In Me Misc 4/23/2017
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 Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Humorous Poems 2/27/2017
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 A Little Country Church Inspirational Poems 2/21/2017
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 The Untold Confession Silly Poems 2/20/2017
 The Ole Homestead Misc 2/17/2017
 Hidden Message Childrens Poetry 2/16/2017
 A Poem Misc 1/14/2017
 Pray Inspirational Poems 1/2/2017
 Memories Misc 12/16/2016
 Friend Misc 11/4/2016
 Closet of Prayer Inspirational Poems 11/3/2016
 The Game Misc 11/1/2016
 Hummingbird Misc 11/1/2016
 One At A Time Misc 11/1/2016
 Memories Life 11/1/2016
 Share With Me In Silence Love 10/31/2016
 Write A Poem Misc 10/29/2016
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Sometimes in life I've failed to see
A day that's bad was good for me
So when these times are going wrong
In faith I live the whole day long

Confiding and believing God
the one my future holds
He teaches us to trust in him
for he is in control

His guidance helps me understand
that I must hold his nail scared hand
and situations that were wrong
were lessons taught to make me strong

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