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Do Not Read

Please don't read this poem
It's not quite ready yet
Somehow it's not the masterpiece
I need to pay my debt

No fancy words for you to read
To showoff or impress
They're not escaping from my mind
I guess I must confess.

If you will stop and read no more
Embarrassed I'll not be
For other poets at Starlite
Write better poems then me

I hope you'll not get too upset
Becoming suicidal
Realizing I the author
Is not the image of your idol

I'll fade into the background now
and not get in the way
I'll let you know when I've become
The Poet of the Day

I'll walk away, my head hung low
I slowly will retreat
I'll come back strong one day you'll see
Just like my smelly feet.

Written for the Image Of Your _________ Challenge

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