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 Love Heals I Love You 4/29/2018
 When God Called You Home Grieving and Loss 4/27/2018
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Sight Unseen

Dear Lord, Long ago, you reached out your hands to me.
I'm so thankful for that day-knowing things would have
been so different that day if I had pushed your hands away.

Since that day so long ago I have carried my Shield of
Faith with me, knowing as long as I carried it high, and
always in front of me, I'd be safe.

How do I tell of your tender mercy and your love that many
times you poured out on me in my time of need?

How, Lord, is it possible for you to show me so much love
and understanding, and engulf a world of believers at the
same time for all of us to feel your love individually?

Dear Lord and Savior, I question not your existence in my life.
I know not what the next moment will bring.....
I know your power far exceeds man's ability your knowledge
to conceive.

You can be everywhere and anywhere, because you are a loving
God- and mercy and love you have an abundance of for all who
believe in you, sight unseen.
-Jan Tetstone

12:44p.m. May 21, 2018

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