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Our Two Hearts Touched

Alone, I set, caught up in the memory
of almost touching loves reality

Trying to forget how close we were to
falling in love ,when destiny stole you
away from me.

You were my last love . . .

The love that was but was not meant to be.

The love I had, for so long, yearned to find.

The love unlike any love that I had ever known . . .

You were within my heart's reach only long enough
for our two hearts to touch . . .and then
you were gone.

When our hearts touched, my heart gave its love to you ,
and stole enough love from your heart to see it through
life's wintertime....

My Love, I took a piece of your heart . . . In exchange-
I gave you all of mine.

-Jan Tetstone

[10:30pm October 3, 2012]

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