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Remembering You

I remember well the day that you were born
and placed in my arms.

I remember well the love in you that always
showed through, in everything you chose to do.

I remember the times we shared the good the bad
the happy-the sad; the times life pulled us together
only to break us apart.

I remember loving you sight unseen- when you
lay safely beneath my heart.

I remember your face and how it changed from year
to year.

I remember when God called in his loan and I had
to let you go to your heavenly home.

I remember so many things about you my child now
that you are gone.

I remember your faith in God, and the angels that
watched over you.

I remember how our love for each other - always did and
always will keep us together.

I love you just as much today ,as I did when beneath my
heart you did once lay. Happy Birthday to an Angel
Heaven took away.
-Jan Tetstone

10:49 a.m. April 29, 2018

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