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 The Voices in My Head Insight 6/3/2005
 In the Shadows of the Night Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 6/3/2005
 Among The Faithless Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 5/29/2005
 I am really scared Dark Poetry 5/29/2005
 Hey Baby Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 5/29/2005
 Parables and Insanity Combined Misc 5/16/2005
 Don't Wanna Be A Country Cop Ten Word Challenge 4/21/2005
 Even Stars Sometimes Fade Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 4/17/2005
 Upon Starlite Peak Ten Word Challenge 3/20/2005
 Agony Dark Poetry 3/17/2005
 If I Were In Charge of The World Silly Poems 3/17/2005
 Except Me Insight 3/17/2005
 I Love My Camaro Z Misc 3/17/2005
 The Colors of My Life Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 3/9/2005
 A Revelation of Deficiency Ten Word Challenge 1/31/2005
 A Long Journey To Eternal Life Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 1/30/2005
 The Truth of God's Word Spiritual Poems 1/24/2005
 The Truth is: My Desires are Yours! Spiritual Poems 1/24/2005
 What We Need Insight 1/24/2005
 Peephole to Tourette's Island Life 10/13/2004
 Why Do I Step Up To The Mic? Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 8/7/2004
 Loser Insight 7/20/2004
 God Is My Employer Insight 7/20/2004
 You Still Make Me Do That So Well Misc 4/27/2004
 The Spirit of a Picture Insight 2/10/2004
 To Be Shown Love Love 1/27/2004
 The Lord is my Shepard Spiritual Poems 1/27/2004
 Anymore Insight 1/27/2004
 Mental Shell Insight 1/23/2004
 Just Worn Misc 1/23/2004
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The Voices in My Head

It is time for me to lye down for bed
but it so hard to drift with these voices in my head

Over and Over they scream with undying lashing
I don't know who it is...nor if it will end _ or be everlasting

It is so spine-chilling to hear
someone speak so closely into your ear
but then look around and find...
that there is nobody that near

Sometimes it is one - - - - that speaks clear!
but most of the time it is a rambling of voices that I must endure

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