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 Jesus is the Answer Spiritual Poems 1/23/2004
 Painful Bias Insight 11/25/2003
 Hardened Lover Love 4/2/2003
 Deep Inside You Insight 4/2/2003
 Love Remains Love 4/2/2003
 Crazy Insight 4/2/2003
 It's the next day now Misc 3/22/2003
 Major Depression Dark Poetry 3/22/2003
 My Little Zone Misc 3/22/2003
 Just Know Inspirational Poems 2/3/2003
 It's Christmas Again Holiday Poems 2/3/2003
 Here I Sit Dark Poetry 2/3/2003
 Faith Spiritual Poems 2/3/2003
 Caterpillar Misc 2/3/2003
 Angel on the Hill Insight 2/3/2003
 Be Me Misc 1/12/2003
 How much you mean to me Love 8/1/2002
 I Think of You Misc 8/1/2002
 How Much I Really Do Love You I Love You 8/1/2002
 Choose a Star I Love You 8/1/2002
 Where is my part Misc 8/1/2002
 My Love For You, My Love Love 8/1/2002
 Jesus Spiritual Poems 6/12/2001
 Dreams Life 6/12/2001
 My Grandpa is a Thug Misc 6/11/2001
 Paradise and Peace Haiku 6/11/2001
 Biology is Boring Misc 6/11/2001
 My Wallet Misc 6/10/2001
 Hell Haiku 6/10/2001
 Me and You Misc 6/10/2001
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Jesus is the Answer

Life is filled
with so much sin
but with Jesus on the cross
he saved all men

Hearts get broken
and tears may fall
but Jesus is waiting
for his name to be called

Jesus is the answer
to all things
Jesus is the way
such blessings he brings

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