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 Afghan - Lost Love Unrequited Love 9/23/2006
 Alcoholism Insight 9/23/2006
 Lost on a Boulevard of Broken Dreams Villanelle 7/4/2006
 St. Louie Misc 7/4/2006
 A Shoulder To Cry On Grieving and Loss 6/24/2006
 Heaven In Your Eyes Song Lyrics 5/29/2006
 Picture Collaborations 5/29/2006
 Your Love Song I Love You 5/5/2006
 Thou Shalt Not Fall Insight 4/17/2006
 If I'll Ever Get Back Unrequited Love 4/17/2006
 The Spirit of Renewal Pieces of Who We Are Challenge 4/17/2006
 Let Go, Let Loose, Let Fly Unrequited Love 4/14/2006
 An Answer in The Tide Follow the Dream Challenge 3/29/2006
 Unable to Show (The love...) Song Lyrics 3/28/2006
 City of Life Song Lyrics 3/28/2006
 Even Now, I Can't See Insight 3/28/2006
 Eccentric Deviation in My Downtown Rep. Song Lyrics 3/28/2006
 Blue Star Eyes The Pain of Love 3/28/2006
 A Profound Self Discovery Insight 3/28/2006
 While Locked Up in a Mental Hell Insight 3/15/2006
 Heaven's Complexion Misc 3/15/2006
 Mirror Image of a Poet Insight 3/7/2006
 Skybrush' B-Day Birthdays 3/3/2006
 My Desire Song Lyrics 2/26/2006
 Fade Away Song Lyrics 2/26/2006
 My Fears Are My Force Catch the Soaring Star Challenge 1/23/2006
 The Writing on The Wall Dancing with Words Challenge 1/23/2006
 Things Fell Into Place Life 1/23/2006
 A Song Misc 1/23/2006
 Tomorrow is Always New Pieces of Who We Are Challenge 1/12/2006
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Afghan - Lost Love

Under a sweet afghan, that night
Our love spread out into the world
Our bodies caressed with pure ecstasy in mind
With wandering eyes
With wandering hearts
Now looking back
If this love drifted away into that afghan, that night

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