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 Destiny of a Woman and a Man Collaborations 11/17/2005
 With the Climbing Moon Just this Nonce Challenge 11/13/2005
 Hurdle into Hypnosis Ten Word Challenge 11/13/2005
 Jesus, Take the Wheel   11/11/2005
 .....At the End of the Day Villanelle 11/7/2005
 Forgiveness and Life Given to a Murderer Just this Nonce Challenge 11/4/2005
 You Have Already Departed Love Gone Bad 10/26/2005
 The True Hero and Legend Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 10/26/2005
 The Wildfire Soars to Conquer Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 10/25/2005
 Cosmic Welkin Ten Word Challenge 10/25/2005
 Over Time Misc 10/14/2005
 His Eternal Light Shines Spiritual Poems 10/14/2005
 Rhymes of Silver Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 10/14/2005
 It's Much Too Soon Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 10/14/2005
 My heart is still broken Misc 10/5/2005
 Out of Love Love Gone Bad 10/5/2005
 The Steps of My Savior Insight 10/5/2005
 Holdem' Straight Flush Misc 10/3/2005
 What Time Has Washed Away Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 10/3/2005
 Morning Mania Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 9/23/2005
 Cupid's Day Off Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 9/23/2005
 'Special' Ninja Insight 9/4/2005
 Take Me Away Spiritual Poems 9/4/2005
 A Bomb (With or Without a Conscience) Misc 8/7/2005
 One's Own Destiny Challenge Poems 7/29/2005
 A Revelation of Impurity Challenge Poems 7/29/2005
 Have You Been Saved? Misc 6/22/2005
 Contraditions Challenge Poems 6/20/2005
 He Didn't Have To Be Dedications 6/19/2005
 Silhouettes of a Tarnished Soul Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 6/19/2005
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Destiny of a Woman and a Man

Destined to be alone ???

Unknown… for me to be loved;

There is so much teasing of passion

That is flickering like a breeze

You speak to me in your soft, gentile words

Would you stop your teasing please?

Bad play of thoughts seize

They seem to roam no more;

Sometimes, Life looks as if it is shady

But the “truth” is…

The one can't appear, until it's just right.

Destiny slips in and out,

But one day I will see the light.

My true love will appear before me.

Whether by thoughts, tears, or deeds.

Together we will link hand and hand.

Woman and man

And we will both have… all that we need.

Collaboration with Cheeky & Hot Stud

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