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Jesus, Take the Wheel

Lord, without you, I donít know how to deal
With all of my aching pain
Please, Jesus, Take the wheel

Life is a struggle with the way that I feel
I have so much to loose, but so much to gain
Lord, without you, I donít know how to deal

I need you by my side, so peaceful, so real
Oh, my dear, Lord Jesus, Take the reigns
Please, Jesus, Take the wheel

You are master of all, and to you I kneel
You keep me sane
Lord, without you, I donít know how to deal

Oh, Lord, GodÖYou have the capability to heal
You can calm the storms and stop the rain
Please, Jesus, Take the wheel

You would never hurt another, cheat, or steal
You are complete perfection slain
Lord, without you, I donít know how to deal
Please, Jesus, Take the wheel

'Villanelle' Form (My 2nd one)

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