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 'Special' Ninja Insight 9/4/2005
 'Tis the White Wall Misc 3/9/2007
 .....At the End of the Day Villanelle 11/7/2005
 A Bomb (With or Without a Conscience) Misc 8/7/2005
 A Day Every Here And There Dark Poetry 10/14/2006
 A Doggy that Serves and Protects Challenge Poems 6/27/2008
 A Long Journey To Eternal Life Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 1/30/2005
 A Profound Self Discovery Insight 3/28/2006
 A Revelation of Deficiency Ten Word Challenge 1/31/2005
 A Revelation of Impurity Challenge Poems 7/29/2005
 A Shoulder To Cry On Grieving and Loss 6/24/2006
 A Song Misc 1/23/2006
 A vivid dream that is vicious and mean Misc 11/18/2007
 Afghan - Lost Love Unrequited Love 9/23/2006
 Agony Dark Poetry 3/17/2005
 Alcoholic Misc 11/17/2005
 Alcoholism Insight 9/23/2006
 Among The Faithless Dr. Wind Poetry Challenge 5/29/2005
 An Answer in The Tide Follow the Dream Challenge 3/29/2006
 Angel on the Hill Insight 2/3/2003
 Anymore Insight 1/27/2004
 Be Me Misc 1/12/2003
 Be Not Misc 8/31/2000
 Become To Be Misc 8/31/2000
 Better than I Do Misc 9/8/2000
 Biology is Boring Misc 6/11/2001
 Black Wedding Dark Poetry 9/7/2000
 Blue Star Eyes The Pain of Love 3/28/2006
 Caterpillar Misc 2/3/2003
 Choose a Star I Love You 8/1/2002
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'Special' Ninja

One serene night a gang of “ninjas” came
And my chimes they broke
My heart fell into the broken floor like shattered glass
And my dear throat felt like it choked

Well, I lossed it
So later later on, I ended up tossin’ it
Sittin’ in a chair with messed up hair
They made fun of my shoes, but they were just immaturely rude
I figured at least I have a pair

Then the day came
My soul grew fangs; I had changed
See, what was important is what they never knew
All along, I had been paying attention to there ways
And into a special “ninja” I grew

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