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 Back to You Spiritual Poems 2/27/2019
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The Man Who Builds Roads

How did I know you’d be watching over me
As I was sleeping
With those blue eyes glowing
Beneath your soft black hair?

How did I know that I’d be loving you
While I slumbered,
Loving the gentle man
And his smile right there?

And yes, how did I know
You’d be loving me,
With your forever kiss
And a stroke of my hair?

As you held me close
That first night at the dance,
I had strong feelings then
That our meeting wasn’t by chance.

Your smile at that moment
When your loving eyes first met mine,
Filled my heart with such warmth
And gave me goose bumps for a time.

We chatted away
About what we did with our time,
You said you built roads,
And I…a writer of short stories and rhyme.

We were both in our sixties
Thinking we were too old to dream
Till we met each other
Realizing how rash that did seem.

Our first kiss was so soft
And memorably sweet,
Laced with a long awaiting passion
That no other could beat.

We traveled around the world together
Enjoying our dreams of visiting far-away places,
Thanking god for each other’s companionship
That removed the loneliness from our heart's hidden places.

I came to love you with all my heart
And you responded to me in kind,
You made my dreams come true
And our love seemed so easy to find.

How did you know
That what I needed for so long,
Was for you to come into my life,
Like this beautiful song.

How did you know
That I would love you so strong,
To invite you deep in my soul
Right where you belong.

I believe the knowing comes from the god within us
Who shines like a beacon in the night,
Drawing us to each other…heart to heart and soul to soul
The man who builds roads and his lady who writes.

For the ‘Never to old to dream challenge’

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