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A Beautiful Gift of Spring

A beautiful gift of Spring is given…
As we say good-bye to winter snow and welcome April rain,
Spring’s beauty warms our hearts and souls
Bringing hope renewed to all the world again.

Leaves of green they dress the trees…
By apple blossom time,
And fragile plants thrive beneath sun’s light
While sweet lilies of the valley…
Are revered in poet’s rhyme.

Scents of floral majesty
Perfume the morning air,
As crowds of yellow daffodils leave us breathless…
Their beauty…beyond compare.

Butterflies and roses too…
Are gifts from Angels feathered wings,
That fall from Heaven to the earth
While songbirds sing…
To celebrate these happenings.

Rainbows come with rain filled skies
Their colored ribbons dancing,
Making children squeal with sheer delight
While you and I are spring romancing.

Colors of our love float softly in the wind
As we walk hand in hand down by the sea,
And gentle breeze caresses skin…
As you write your quaint…
Yet sweet…love letters in the sand for me.

We kiss, we laugh, we frolic and play
While sparkling waves…they crash upon the shore,
And seagulls cry their happy cries…
As tide rolls in once more.

Back home again…on the old porch swing
We cuddle up all cozy and tight,
When you pull me close and kiss me softly
Then whisper, “You look so beautiful tonight.”

We’ve watched sunrise and now sunset
With their stunning colors of every hue,
And we revel in the vibrancy of our new found love…
Just another beautiful gift of spring…
That god…has so graciously given…to me and you.

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