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In The Moment III

In The Moment II

the topics for discussion got me thinking a little rushing
society is blind you see I therefore dedicate myself to poetry to be set free
at of every twist & turn of episode its good to know
arm me wth harmony ought buiding up my sweet legacy
lasting dignity to what one is willing to achieve
the mark of a true man with a deffinate plan
throughout each twist ad turn as if a roller coaster ride
we all tend to run away and hide

a sparkling array of elegance by the ocean surf and turf my favorite potion
the unique chemistry is inside both you & me one can agree
many are just living in a land of make believe
but we need to be set free
another door bell rings
the choir now sings
fade to black working to hard can give you a heart attack
yet we have the tendency to over react
some men's heart have them falling a cult
some seek for truth in a garbage can
when will we live for the day that all will understand
there's magic in the mystery goes to show you better know your history

yet we are only human just be in the moment
you know your going to get through this
breath deep in through the nose out the mouth
we tend to bitch, moan & pout
but what is this life all about falling apart at the seams such an easy scheme
most pople want to hide away get away for their routine
inside they hide behind four walls that bind
today its the walking dead the almost blind
just to know we are created from a higher power magnificent design

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