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 Welcome To The Jungle Love 8/29/2017
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 A Portrait Of Grace Love 8/27/2017
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 A Notion Of Laughter Love 8/25/2017
 The Monk Congratulations 8/25/2017
 Supersonic Love 8/25/2017
 The Nigtmare Dedications 8/25/2017
 The Hollow Leaves Love 8/25/2017
 Suffer In Silence Love 8/24/2017
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Welcome To The Jungle

got friends to the left of me enemy's to the right
here I am stuck in the middle with you
the times they are a changing a chance to rewind
a challenge to be free is a passage of time
getting lost in the sauce of the make believe
people going to & fro
not knowing where it is they want to go
getting caught up in the undertow
many have a heart but I'm afraid they left it in San Francisco
tragedy is a commidity as we swing through the breeze
but these are desolate times
yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes
the casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's atrocious
welcome to the jungle your going to live
a willing chace by way to forgive
let's put are neighbors ahead of ourselves
there are people hurting deep down inside
plowing through each field
one must be willing to yield
time after time
one look at your face and the world turns around
I know I'm a fool but what can I say
to pay for the price at any cost
you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold
getting stuck inside its mold
carrying everything deep inside
we run away and hide
from the duration of the game
like a mouse stuck in its maze
these are the days when anything goes
as the sun heats up only time will tell when the water will boil
North Korea South Korea & Marlyn Monroe
one day you'll be the king of the forest the next you'll be down on the bottom
thank God we shot Ben Laden

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