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 Extreme Madness Dark Poetry 9/28/2017
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 Play For Me A Sad Melody Love 9/13/2017
 The Touch Love 9/13/2017
 Silent Mourning Love 9/12/2017
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Extreme Madness

Extreme Madness

in the vast domain of Hell
for I have a good story to tell
falling angels live in this vast domain
the lava of fire inflates their gait
they are all filled with vile hate
darkened portals of deaths door looms
that day I was lowered in the ground
not a single soul around
suddenly I was whisked away to a lake of fire
burning in its fullest desire
tried to quench my thirst but that never worked
if only I would have let the savior inside to dwell
for now I rot in this living Hell

blackened eyes with screaming tormented skulls
the sullen saddened brevity of shadows drifting
there is no escape for this is my eternal fate
life moved to fast for me to ever grasp
now I'm being left in this miserable place of hate
demons with eyes of silver frosted crustation
shadows block my vision
if only I believed I would have been saved
now I'm left in this empty grave
weaping, wailing & gnashing of teeth
eyes, hands & feet
viscous long hanging fangs dripping blood off the side
I want to run away & hide
Extreme madness

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