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A Vast Radiant Night

couples run naked then plunge into the vast sea
laughter ensues...
through the duration of the night
a flock of birds with intense sounds
In the distance the still silence then an old man appears
gets into his boat and heads out to a light house
there is quite a mystery to this man
some say he is a ghost captured in time
still he takes his time and fixes the light house
On this particular night while fixing a shudder
he fell of his ladder
took a turn for the worse
with a deadly blow...
authorities got word that the old man was missing
finally after a week they searched the light house
there was blood every where but no body
the old man turned into a zombie
as the police were getting ready to leave
something held tight to the officer's sleeve
it was the zombie old man
biting down on the officers' neck
with long viscous fangs that bite dripping blood off side
the other officer blew a hole with a shot gun in the zombies head
shot him dead or so they thought
ever since that day the light house was forbidden
for the officer that was bitten
he spread his infection to the village population
they found no cure but dealt with the explosion of the zombies
a vast radiant night
it all meant to scare & fright

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