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 Smooth Operator Love 8/19/2017
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 In Light Of Hope Love 8/9/2017
 Love Love 8/8/2017
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Smooth Operator

it was late in the evening & on the street
had my body kit waxed on my Camry
fenders had a slasp of silver so did the rims
stero was blasting to my favorite song
Like Michael Jackson & Stevie B
rolled into my neighborhood bar many looked out at my car
I was fixing to put one on slamming back drinks until I couldn't even think
out in the back was the girl of my dreams named Sara
I smiled in her direction needing some sweet affection
much to my surprise she had a bun in the oven from her secong cousin
was it any wonder i had too much time on my hands
Still I made a play for sweet Sara
she was so very nervous i could hear it in her voice
but it was my choice to dance with her in the middle
perhaps i was playing second fiddle or loosing the ball in a dribble
that's why they call me the smooth operator today
I used my many talents that God gave me
but I was a dear gentleman to Sara and raised her baby as our own
took a chance in the dark in that i lit the spark to what i was waiting for
although the many years have passed still having every reason to grasp
how much a love can grow the strong beat of the tempo
in the way we should go
so today I still wax my Camry with every fiber in me
the times have changed but the love still grows
been knocked to the ground but my hope still shows
now every place that I go I'm known as the smooth operator
would you like another ice cream flavor
it's just sugar & spice with everything nice
once this life is through no second chance to roll twice

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