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 A Unique Perspective Love 9/12/2017
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 The Ivy Briars Love 9/10/2017
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 Don't Fear The Reaper Love 9/10/2017
 Carry On Son Love 9/10/2017
 A Romantic Encounter Love 9/10/2017
 Lines Formed On My Face And Hands Love 9/9/2017
 A Vision Of Beyond Love 9/8/2017
 Bask In The Vast Expanse Love 9/8/2017
 Keep Your Cool Love 9/8/2017
 The Dead Were Not Actually Dead Dedications 9/8/2017
 The Leatherman Love 9/8/2017
 The Hermits Request Love 9/8/2017
 Rap It Up I'll Take It Love 9/8/2017
 The Living Dead Love 9/7/2017
 Temples Of Fire Love 9/7/2017
 Right From The Beginning Love 9/7/2017
 Through Solace There's A Lesson Love 9/6/2017
 Burning Desire For More Yet What Love 9/6/2017
 Cold Clap In The Dark Love 9/6/2017
 Find The Cost Of Freedom Love 9/6/2017
 Beautiful Love 9/5/2017
 The Key To Success Love 9/3/2017
 When words are not enough Love 9/3/2017
 These Are The Days Love 9/3/2017
 The Artist Love 9/3/2017
 A Vast Radiant Night Inspirational Poems 9/3/2017
 In The Darkness Love 9/2/2017
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A Unique Perspective

shower my love among the sun
carry it's story with a bit of fun
shallow peaks stand erect by force
each of us is responsible for are actions
let the picture permeate in your mind
a symbolic vortex in ellusive swag
we need to under go a transformation
set aside some quality time
develop a unique perspective to shine
in sought after columns of pillars
from the setting sun to a vast new day
awake to dream a chance to create
with pen on a paper we shall discover
snap shot memories of are past
having so much fun with a hope it would last
no one in this life gets by on a free pass
love is kind a of funny when your broke without any money
but let me share my testimony
I'm deeply humbled to take time to learn
another story told a page being turned
having a love that's greater then self
like sifting through sand in search of gold
let the truth be told until the rights to you are sold

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