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 Critique Your Own Selves Critics Love 12/31/2017
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 Free Styling To The Extreme Love 11/19/2017
 Crack A Bad Apple Love 11/17/2017
 A Letter To Trump Love 11/16/2017
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Critique Your Own Selves Critics

why is it I never in my life gave cadence as to critic another poets work
yet they find it perfectly acceptable to rate my own submissions
they aren't Jesus they don't walk on water so why should I bother with them
some are intellectualized wandering wizards others need attention like a baby
there I gave you your treat so wander back to your warm spot and shut your mouths
it doesn't help me when you crtic it just makes me think of what a perfect ass you are
going off someone cause of stupid grammattical errors we can't take it with us when we die
they themselves are mister perfect never doing anything wrong

see positive enforcement strengthens the heart where as negativity brings you down
plus who are they anyways:
Stay optimistic, even if you're
facing a set back. There are
many stages we go through in
our lives, but we manage, to get
back, on track. All good things
are possible, if you have
confidence in yourself and do as
much as you can. No one has
accomplished anything, in one day,
there has to be, a plan! Establishing
a routine, takes time, but it can lead
to many big opportunities, down the
road. At this point, you're bound to
find a way, to unburden, your heavy
Let the good times outshine the bad times
Let the laughter drown out the tears
Let the light chase away the darkness including all your fears...
Turn your pain into strength and smile for you are alive, making all things possible but only possible if you try.
The critic is the frustrated wannabe who picks at others to compensate for his insecurities and to boost his delusions of grandeur. Most are moderately adequate poets at best and find it pleasurable to take it out on those who have some talent….Leave them on the “ignore” shelf.

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