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 Right From The Beginning Love 9/7/2017
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In The Moment

lines are being formed from the face and hands
eyes, feet & hands
when will we ever seem to learn to understand
through a variance to a dream voices scream
a whole host of angels surround me
the lines permeates the very fabric of my existence
strong delusion for those being tested
you had your moments in the sun with a bit of fun
caviar with lobster tail on a bed of rice
it will make you think about things twice
another chance at which to roll the dice
these are desolate times
yet we often settle for ill but faded rhymes

then I look in the mirror I'm in the moment
times has elapsed for a space in which to relax
we have been captivated by a smile
cause we knew all the great while
solace is the residue of it's timely vortex
an explosion inside that made me realize
there is a tender meaning of our existence
you are a mere shadow of a deeper reflection
through the vast expanse of the moment we can learn
one soul soars while the other one burns
you just might have to wait your turn

the village queer is always stern in his approach
as if a lost seagul heading outside on the coast
savor those tender memories with both family & friend
hopefully someday you will all understand ?

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