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Rap Is Where It's At

Rap Is Where It's At

jump in the game no here to complain
being busy as a bee in a land of make believe
we shoot for the top but it ends in the flames
let me be the first to explain
I'm staying in the game this is my time
May shoot to the top in my prime or stand in line
Sugar is sweet like honey but I'm going to be the one who brings home the money
Life is funny in its twists and turn one soul soars while the other one burns
we can each learn from our teachers it's not a walk in the park late night double feature
we got to learn to stick close together no matter what the weather
see each of us has a gift we must use or its forgotten
thank God we got to kill that thug Ben Laden
search your heart you got great rhymes inside
don't fall away or try to run away & hide
go slow at first to take up the pace
some folks may think your from outer space
yet what do they know there just jealous you see
many don't even know there A.B.C's
stop spreading the disease it will knock you to you knees
look toward the ocean while you use your magic lotion
take a shot in the dark & someday you will find
you will never be left behind
it all comes down from within deep inside
look at the junkie in the gutter
the mother who doesn't have enough to pay her bills
she turns to cheap thrills to do what she has to do
have we bitten off far more then we could chew
kick it in the shower its your hour of power
in the end you get to make the final decision
it isn't found in some fake front wishing
Rap is where its at your going to make me have a heart attack
the signs are painted all around
listen as you'll hear it's nasty sound

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