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That's How I Roll The Dice

That's How I Roll The Dice

Knock on wood
I'm back in the hood
Acting like the late famed Natalie Wood
Life sure ain't what it used to be
In fact it's a bit of a mystery
Many live it out how they see in misery
Bu that's not living in reality
Yet we came this far not to turn around
Can't turn back when your hands on the plow
Many give up way to early
Try to change the actual story
But i still live for my lord up above
Many thoughts get swept underneath the rug
i'm just looking for love and a big hug
People are strange when your a stranger
Out on your own in immediate danger
Yet that's how i roll
Getting caught in its undertow
We have every right to know
Inside we hide behind four walls that bind
Society once could see but today they are actually blind
you can have everything you want but be empty inside
That's how i roll see you on the flip side

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