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Alone In My Room

Alone in my room I stare at the wall
and at the back of my mind I hear my conscience call
telling me I need a girl whose as sweet as a dove
for the first time in my life I see I love
love has taken its hold
a willingness to unfold
onto something greater then ever before
lest I forget to open the door
love is the mere essence of my existence
it will soon pay off with much persistence
a very unique call
this blows apart the know it all
love was here so long ago
bust up the beat to increase the tempo
in the way you should go
when I look deep into your eyes it is then I see a future
such as Renee with Ahston Coutour
love is the flame that will ignite my potion
love is the mark of courage
love is the calmness of the ocean

Each of us matter in the grand scheme of things
some of us get locked in some crazy schemes
yet its not over until the fat lady sings
to every soldier in there battle
for every cow amidst the cattle
love is the sought duration of time
use what you have left to withstand the true test of time
to the hooker out on the street
to the junkie trying to get his fix treat
never relent toward defeat
you are a true soldier in this battle
just like a baby enjoying its rattle
we lose sight of the prize when we faint inside
there is no where to run away & hide
many of us are content to let things slide
seek to know truth with all of your heart
then you will light the flame that ignited the spark to what it is that were waiting for.

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