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 The Mystery From Within Love 11/10/2017
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 Corporate Greed With Vain Societal  Dark Poetry 10/22/2017
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The Mystery From Within

baby's hair with a womans eyes
can see right past you as I tantalize
the mere notion of a whisper long to filter
shadows block the vortex of her smile
how you have fought so very hard & fierce
my one truest love is gone from here
a challenge to be free is a question of time
my one solution is using my mind
living on the edge and it's going to me head
sitting up at night all alone in bed
following the rainbow to the sky
I see a crystalized vision of you pass me by

one hand to hold a heart will mend
when will we ever live to understand
faces, places & traces
the glue that held inside my mind
my heart permeates a reason for being
perhaps its in the changing of the season
without any viable reason
you seek solace in your dream
a barren hill with a running stream
the conclaves of ivy briars connect along the edges
with lucid dreams of hay coming apart on its display

mark the one willing to explore
an explosion from deeper inside
with illustrative figures with innate pictures ready to hold
many will suffer in silence amidst the violence
there is a part of me that I don't want anyone to see
from deep within is but a mystery
the vivid climax in the dream
the utopian ruler with exploits of murder
search ever deeper
soon you will discover
the vibrations upon a cosmic chatter of what we are after
make me a fire blown up in its fullest of desire

in each of us we soon will discover
a deeper portion of thought brought on by a lover
shelter lies dormant amidst its beckoning plough
rich personifications of illustrative taste makes us meditate
lines being drawn in the sand when will we ever live to understand
the fields are warm for harvest as a cermonial pardon
in vexation we will humbly appeal towards a delegation
others have blackened eyes filled up with stench
there portion of being falls head long in a ditch
some may equate logic for fear yet this time i shed no tear
holding my head up high listening to life's sweet lulabye

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