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 The Modern Man Congratulations 7/27/2017
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Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

you read your books in school bruh
they taught of lessons needed in life
some how along life's way you got lost
busting down doors sleeping with dirty whores

rap scene was you first priority
flirting with fire of Satan's burning desire
trying to get you higher
you were so blind you couldn't see

now your messing with a son of a bitch
you realize eternity is a long time
had to stop all your dope rhymes
yesterday it was wine, dine and 69

got to keep it real cause the truth will set you free
let the devil flee as you king on to Jehovah
turn your life over
you wake up late stating it's one of those days

getting lost in a purple haze
take a chill pill & wear your Sunday's best
swing in your corner and turn your thought life over
yesterday we used to pray

yet today you say it ought not be that way
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves
you were a mouse stuck inside a maze

until you gave your heart to the savior
now your eating another ice cream flavor
disaster was your best friend
slipping & sliding nothing was guiding

today you stand ten feet tall
cause you took your chance with the king of kings
the world outside is so very mean
coming back to your first love

kick that old dog Satan underneath the rug

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