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 Whispers Love 8/27/2017
 In These Times Love 8/27/2017
 A Portrait Of Grace Love 8/27/2017
 Light And Love Love 8/27/2017
 Exquisite Imbellished Brilliance Love 8/26/2017
 Sweet Dreams Love 8/26/2017
 A Field Of Dreams Love 8/26/2017
 Tears In Heaven Love 8/26/2017
 Heads In The Street Congratulations 8/26/2017
 That's How I Roll The Dice Congratulations 8/26/2017
 Fat Joe In The Undertow Love 8/26/2017
 Below There's A Bucket Insight 8/25/2017
 Summer Breeze Love 8/25/2017
 A Notion Of Laughter Love 8/25/2017
 The Monk Congratulations 8/25/2017
 Supersonic Love 8/25/2017
 The Nigtmare Dedications 8/25/2017
 The Hollow Leaves Love 8/25/2017
 Suffer In Silence Love 8/24/2017
 Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky Fantasy Poems 8/24/2017
 Buffalo Soldier Love 8/24/2017
 Dark Passages Spiritual Poems 8/24/2017
 The Quaint Cottage Inspirational Poems 8/24/2017
 Juliet Love 8/24/2017
 The Royal Crown Love 8/24/2017
 Darkened Devilish Resolve Love 8/23/2017
 We Are The Lord's Love 8/23/2017
 The Hound Of Heaven Love 8/23/2017
 Alone In My Room Love 8/23/2017
 Blinded By Sight Love 8/23/2017
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the faint shutter of a faint whisper
the vast expanse of time & space
all alone in your social disgrace
a faint cry with a soft reply
just look into the eyes
stop dragging my heart around
we each must learn to discover
what decay of wretched debris
left inside my head will soon discover

angellic fervor approaches each other
this is the moment we can't let pass
a stake in claim or that of laughing gas
many can see the fullest extent of reality
whispers throught the shutter of where you stake your claim
a chief aim for fame or fan the inner flame
its good to let go of the hold
we set for each other
is it any wonder we get blinded from the realization of love

it all gets swept underneath the rug
yet through the duration of time
we have each created a rhyme
each of us can capture it in a moment
some of us have more faith then others to escape
whispers through a smile cause you know all the great while
silence has etched the ingredient from within
what is going on inside are head a face filled with lead
let us fly to new heights then ever before
take good risks in the things we wish
get caught up in the twist
many are called but few are chosen
some are caught up in an ocean between time and space

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