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 Prince Love 6/6/2017
 The Persistent Quest Love 6/6/2017
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Welcome To The Grand Illusion

Welcome To The Grand Illusion

where are we have we gotten lost ?
hands, eyes & face

deep inside were all the same
a chance to rearrange in the membrane

no one holds the door open for you anymore
it's the invisible lie of 1964

don't you believe in videos or a salesman giving something to sell
we are all just dust in the wind now where do I even begin

eyes with spots darkened moustache
people with tombstones in their heads

in the confusion of the day give solace to pray
carry your head held high

they will put you in a padded room soon you goon
living helpless in your cocoon

a breath of fresh air doesn't anyone really care
you'll be gone in a New York minute

love not the world neither anything in the world
the world, the lust of the flesh & the pride of life disappears

wisdom is the principle thing therefore gain wisdom
in all thy getting gain understanding

it's the changing of the times
there are lines being drawn in the sand

hopefully all will live to understand
there's really everything inside we have nothing to hide

you built these walls upon social media no surprise
with what we do today will be evident to all eternity

people on the streets turning heads as we speak
with what you perceive as truth may not be a reality

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