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I Don't Understand

I Don't Understand ?

why do some people get away with things and others don't
people are people so why should it be you and I appear awfully

no one questions anymore no one has a voice
it's the blind leading the blind soon will fall into a ditch

all the hero's and legends I knew as a child turned into idols of clay
don't you believe in what t.v. or the radio says about you

many seek for solace amidst the inner plight of silence
death is there doormat they squeeze all the love out of you

some seek to drawn there sorrows in a bottle like no tomorrow
the impulse of a hug takes a back seat with cheap lust

why does one equate logic for fear ?
I sit again in the silence alone,

minds that plug for bitter destruction in their brain washed minds
how it rains on the just & unjust...

a tug at the heart will light the inner spark to what I've been waiting for....
man has constructed living pyramids to honor their dead,

the notion of no atheists in fox holes
I don't debate them anymore only choose to love them instead

the walking dead having viscous hanging fangs that bite...
dot the i's and cross the t's

we resign as living socialites in our miniature soldier war
a toast of friends only to discover there is no love in their hearts

there are heads in the street for a burning cause but for what ?
they all claim its a banner of love but its hate in disguise

a lover in life is not the sinner
weak willed tyrants feeling a funeral in their brain

Why is love cheap lust these days get back to the basics
we choose to hide behind the false garb of compromise

Can't we see through all those twisted Satanic lies ?

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