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Never Do Enough

You will never do enough for some people in this world
cause there being blinded by sin, self & Satan
just be the best that you could be
you take out the garbage & fold the clothes
pick up the phone to hold your own
people are just set in there ways getting lost in a purple haze
not to mention being politically correct
Your best wish is to forget we even met
you socialize with those who are blind
in the end they will be left behind
they can't help you cause they can't even help themselves
maybe i should put that book right back on the shelf
but you got to be happ with yourself on the inside
the god of this world is a thief comes to kill & destroy
be best to pray like a good girl & boy
we must stand against the social resistance
watch the lies & how Satan twists it
never do enough in a fast paced world in a rush
these are delicate times
yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes
we push ourselves to the extreme
living in a land so very mean
you want to get to the top but the top of what
eternity is such a long time so don't go around blind
back up your words with scriptures
you will see in time you will shine if you don't break the faith
call it what you will some believe in fate
life is a rollercoaster but it doesn't stop
many folks want to pretend there a cop
do this don't do that can you read the signs
getting caught up in a bind
if you learn their lies you'll end up being very blind
life is made up with choices some have settled with their Royal Royce's
stick with God cause he'll take you far
this is something they will never teach you at your neighborhood bar...

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