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 Dope Show Mature Audience 6/17/2017
 Whispers Love 6/17/2017
 Dope Joint Mature Audience 6/16/2017
 Night People Love 6/16/2017
 Hope Again my Friend Love 6/16/2017
 A Raindrop Love 6/16/2017
 Suck A M.C. Love 6/15/2017
 Medusa Inspirational Poems 6/15/2017
 When The Tales Awake Love 6/15/2017
 A Perfect Rose Love 6/15/2017
 Dope Rhymes Congratulations 6/14/2017
 Divine Mortality Love 6/14/2017
 It's Like A Jungle Sometimes Congratulations 6/13/2017
 When Darkness Falls Congratulations 6/13/2017
 Rage Love 6/13/2017
 Falling Love 6/13/2017
 The Shaded Tree Congratulations 6/12/2017
 Jesus Is The Answer Love 6/10/2017
 A Poet Love 6/10/2017
 Song of Nature Love 6/9/2017
 It's All A Lie Misc 6/9/2017
 Questions of Destiny Love 6/8/2017
 The Wind That Blew Love 6/8/2017
 Cynthia Love 6/7/2017
 Holocaust Grieving and Loss 6/7/2017
 Prince Love 6/6/2017
 The Persistent Quest Love 6/6/2017
 A Lonely Man's Dream Love 6/6/2017
 Van Halen Congratulations 6/5/2017
 Blood Upon The Walls Love 6/2/2017
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Dope Show

shooting blanks

smoking blunts

eyes, face & hands

when will we understand

you can't keep sticking it to the man

fan the flames of sin

where do I even begin again

hopping, rocking no stopping

got clowns to the left of me jokers to the right

playing with the wish bone on the telephone

not sense the days of Jessie James

a vast frontier filled with games

Manson sand the dope show heading off to Buffalo

sitting in the back seat with a two bit whore

screaming out loud for more, more, more

got me on a zip line heading to the sun

shattered glass no one in this life gets a free pass

there's no better high then the Lord up above

cruising down the highway as swift as a dove

there are lines being drawn in the sand

when will we ever live to understand

chase dreams from your hair my pretty one

don't stop, don't stop make ginger pop

homeboy you think a lot

many heads getting burned by the midnight oil

taking too long for the water to boil

crying until our heart seems to scream

Summer times here in the mood for some ice cream

lazy days getting lost in a purple haze

falling a part at the seams

evil schemes

they had me down but I'm still on top

go run to your friends cause they just called a cop

spinning like a top

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