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Below There's A Bucket

hidden below the deep dark extremities of the afterlife
there is a bucket
many choose to dismiss this but I must clearly confess
it is put there for the many tears to flow
just underneath the barbed wire existence
hidden in the undertow
a lost world where sin will go
burning debris of sulfur from the serpent
demonic emblems unleashed to create havoc
underneath the false hidden garb of lies
the bucket at times will change its colors from grey to black
when its fully under attack
the weeping, wailing & gnashing of teeth
not a good way to go in its vast misery
why does one equate logic with fear
I shed a single tear to numb its inner pain
the outside world is totally insane
Below there's a bucket to catch fallen fears
it holds the sullen brevity of what is of negativity
in my vast dream I saw it turning
while lost souls were suddenly burning
to quench the desire for Satanic clamor
shattered with lone disaster you must be prepared
to meet in the great here after
below there's a bucket full of dread
what is going on inside are head
falling angels in search of blood
the vast expanse of a real gulf fix
getting caught up in the mix
with a pilgrims progress we are to tread
this among the walking dead lying in bed
a final tear was dropped inside the bucket
the sounds of immense silence prone with violence
it's not a good place to go to tell
this place called the living hell

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