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 The Flesh Profits Nothing Congratulations 3/18/2017
 The Beginning Of The End Grieving and Loss 3/17/2017
 This Is The Time To Come Together  Congratulations 3/16/2017
 Heads In The Street Current Events 3/16/2017
 Tame The Heart Congratulations 3/13/2017
 Rapture Congratulations 3/10/2017
 Sow To The Wind Reap The Whirlwind Collaborations 3/9/2017
 Light And Love Congratulations 3/9/2017
 Who Farted Congratulations 3/9/2017
 The Swan Fantasy Poems 3/8/2017
 Write Until You Drop Dead Congratulations 2/27/2017
 Momma Congratulations 2/5/2017
 Leather And Steel Dedications 2/5/2017
 A Smile From A Lonesome Child Dedications 2/5/2017
 The Whole In A Donut Insight 2/5/2017
 Your Beautiful Eyes Love 2/3/2017
 A Sparkling Elegance Congratulations 1/30/2017
 Love Your Enemy I Love You 1/29/2017
 Warhol Dedications 1/23/2017
 A Sparkling Array Of Elegance Congratulations 1/20/2017
 A Beautiful Flower Insight 1/19/2017
 Shooting Blanks Collaborations 1/8/2017
 The Devil Is A Liar Spiritual Poems 1/8/2017
 Flowers In The Cellar Collaborations 12/29/2016
 You Will Never Walk Alone Collaborations 12/28/2016
 The Sweetest Thing Congratulations 12/27/2016
 The Court Jester Congratulations 12/26/2016
 Two Shadows In The Morning Congratulations 12/25/2016
 Precious Angelic Footsteps Congratulations 12/24/2016
 One Night In The City Congratulations 12/23/2016
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The Flesh Profits Nothing

The flesh profits nothing. To have a heart that is tied up in knots when their are a dozen of pots in your sink; Can't even think to dismiss this Earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought. Yet the Spirit brings life & peace. A heart that is saturated with unconditional love shall withstand the true test in time ! Words have an effect on people so choose words of edification. Smile cause it's contagious so pass yours on. We each can do are part in making this world a better place. Love should be the true essence of are existence. Become a beacon of light to a hurting world in need. Love your neighbor spread words of love & togetherness. Each of us has a responsibility in this life. Only one life willl soon be passed only what's done for truth will last. With what we do with are time today will become evident throughout eternity.

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