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 Who The Hell Cares Congratulations 6/20/2017
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Backyard Fences

you want to plan a murder ?
your mind is racing
its the cause for religion
in certain circles running

Light of illumination
who gets the getaway car ?
running through loop holes
in vested portals,

the glamour girl with big florescent eyes
a vast mirage to the never world
the whole host of togetherness
yet we still barter for socks

a derision of a laundry basket filled
toilet paper down to the final roll
we clasp our hands then long to amuse
outside we see the backyard fence

broken bottles line the vast expanse of its decorum
the conclaves of caged barbaric remnants ensue
what has become of the earth
what has become of her pale sister

let us bask in the vast array of logical persuasion
come to the inner realization that you are light
a beacon of hope to a hurting world in search of love
the varnished creatures are all in search of blood

taunting through the exploits all alone
yet searching for a new way to discover
its the in tuned harmony to the hidden beasts reality
society has lost its way in the night

sounds of laughter once filtered through the air
today we are left with a toast of sullen brevity
time will tell when the water will boil
a challenge to be free is a question of time

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