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The Children of Never Light

The Children of Never Light

the more I see through open eyes,
fools come my way with alibis
playing the game of chance with mankind;
I touch a shattered sky with a broken heart,

confusion and darkness in my mind
I run away from truth, blood on my hands, as other look through blind eyes...
promises of true blue, touch a tender heart before it's ripped and scorned,

Give me a reason to believe, give me hope of a new day of being born...

Give a child a chance to be filled with wonder, time for laughter
sunshine stars, colorful wishes
Sweeten the years with honey, touch a child with honest hugs
Grant the Children of ever Light deep slumber,

as my heart whips apart, bitter, old, worn
The stars themselves shine, but dim next to her beauty
Lest a flower wilt, it may come to bloom again by
the tenderness of her smile

I have seen this wonder of wonders, of magical stardust dancing in
moon shadows of the night sky,
touched by the whispering beat of her heart,
For within her eyes, I am the Star child.

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