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Suck A M.C.

Suck a M.C. in the place to be mixing dope rhymes living out my fantasy.

Going down breaking you need someone to take your hand

Snake pit lions den you need someone to be your friend,

Rolling down the street in my Benz

Flirt with the honey's looking like Playboy bunnies,

See you on the flip side I got nothing to hide

You hitch hike now cause you don't have a ride.

So you dance with the devil with your three piece suit,

What's good my friend no need to pretend,

I'm your biggest fan...

Shout out to the ladies nothing shady

Inside we hide behind walls of steel

Isn't no big deal you third wheel

Many today have tombstones in there head

There the walking dead face full of lead

Going to the dance hall freaks in all

So you threw up inside your mouth

Use some scope now and get a towel

While your at it I need my fix eating a big fish

Twist the bottle cap off of my forty smoking blunts

One Hell of a runt you smell like a skunk

A big mac attack you tend to over react

I'm still in a fix make me another wish

Coaster for egg shells running inside my mind

Once I could see but today I'm blind

Suck a M.C. come to me breaking it down making history

You formed a lined hidden in the sand

Hoping someday all will understand

Break it down one last time

feelings of the blues

put on a new pair of shoes

Watching old videos of Huey Lewis & The News

These streets are tight that is are right

We came here to fight for a cause of freedom

Stretch forth our arms extend to the heart

Cause you touch the inner part to what it was I have been waiting for

Another slam on the door

Tony no neck Curtis was getting busy with a whore

this is my chore

break it down one last time

in time we will shine to see the fool moon grind

stuck in the middle as a fiddle and so is this rhyme no more.

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