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The Swan

shallow peaks mark the threshold
memories, visions & desire
a passion to become something
one has a desire for life

then the storms come
with what we do with are time today
will be reflected throughout all eternity
to soar as an eagle

look at the edge of a lake
to see the swan
dazzling in appearance
shaped by the fabric of nature's beckoning call

as life unfold when you are young
the not knowing where you belong
in time we confide in the power that be
some live in the land of make believe

what quest is what we are to achieve
to look at the swan with it's beautiful feathers
colors of visualization in the light
never relent to ever give p the fight in life

from birth to death we are headed in it's conquest
one must surely live to pass the test
laughs, light, love & sorrow
will there be hope for us have to wait until tomorrow

the swan sits gazing into the water
will gather it's senses & not falter
nature's beckoning call
to paint a picture of your life

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