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Calling Underdog

Calling Underdog

That day I sat silently focusing my attention to no one
All of a sudden to my great surprise an ungodly chill came down my spine
A look at the clock the time was going by so very fast
The premise of my discovery would be my best
Should hold back the silence in my fragile egg shelled mind
There is something blowing in the wind through the blinds
Out of shear desperation a call to underdog in a moments notice
People claim to have a new discovery yet live their lives like a circus
Through a nice river there flows a pool of water trickling down
Thunder rolls through the hills in the afternoon
Whenever you need him most like a seagull off the coast
Shades of grey torn to whatever comes natural
Read the writing on the wall were all in for a wild ride
Many today are alive but they are the walking dead
A refrigerator filled with yogurt what's going on inside our head
We have to be so careful in who we hang around with
Society is blinded by evil desires that drawn men in perdition
Once bitten twice shy for that we reply on a day in the sun
Calling underdog through the hustle and bustle of things
Unite our hearts and let the freedom bell ring
Being busy as a bee to hear a sweet homily
Crowds of people rejoice as they live in the land of liberty
What will be my one last heart felt plea
Turn your hearts toward underdog's call and you will be happily free

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