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Precious Angelic Footsteps

Precious Angelic Footsteps

We all long to recapture a true voice
For some it is derived in a choice
We hang our humble heads down low in regards
The pulse of my heart had lit an inner spark
Soft plush texture of angelic wings in flight
The colors of white brilliance of it's textual garb
Precious angelic footsteps out on the patio
The smell of fermented wine in a cold glass
The chill on fresh fallen snow out on the dew
Precius angelic footsteps in radiant flare
A brisk walk in the woods to help draw us near
God in his grand design built a humble shrine
Words can't ever express such a warm heart felt sentiment
Throug a clearing we fix our eyes on it's illumination
The footsteps lead to a place of our eternal domain
Bright hope for the day in it's lone brigade
Each step that they take can't be retraced
Warm wishes to all that take part in it's great escape

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