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Falling in the dust on the ground
A way to explain with hip hop beats in my brain

Staying up late at night just chilling with a flame
This is a roll up so what's the hold up

A fly by night explosion with a tear in my eye
Does this come at a big enough surprise

Born in the hood doing no good
Washing dishes for a living

No more remorse nor any forgiving
All my home boys in the street

I sprang a brand new leak
A tender moment like a rose

Up your nose with a rubber hose
Sugar is sweet like a scent of the honey

Getting you broke with no more money
Skipping jump rope playing spades

Having it made in the shade
Act you age

We only go this way once so we must be proud
Having a nine to your head wake up late falling dead

Success in life is very sweet and appealing to the eye
A quaint way to greet a passerby

Still I'm falling but I can't get up
I a world torn with violence what's the hold up

Shallow lies no surprise must we fall prey to those wicked lies

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