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Dude Ranch

Dude Ranch
Out in the hustle and bustle of the day
A new discovery in which to stay left scattered
In the wind there's something stirring for all to see
A unique place where the cowboy comes
We are in store for a treat down to the sole's of our feet
To sing songs in the melody of one's heart
Throuh the window we see portals of grandeur
The dear place where the coyote's howl outside
Friends come to share stories of ghostly encounters
We join hands out of love for one another in brotherhood
To enjoy the delicious food of hot dogs and beans
The horse sits with it's pretty harnass on
We celebrate the news of glad tidings with vested muse
A line is written drawn up in the sand
To heed our plan of taking a risk sunrise to bask
In the heavenly bliss on the dude ranch
A lonely crow looks for food along it's path
We can come boldly to the news we have grasped
In sheer elegance we look at the mountains so sirene
Shelter lies dormant amidst it's beckoning plough
A love to behold hence the opened door by which to explore
Those snap shot moments having every reason to grasp
The wild dogs howl in the explosion of the scene

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