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Blood Upon The Walls

Blood Upon The Walls

The leaders of light are now all sleeping
no more will they stand proud above the dawn
And the murderers who left the crowds all weeping
Remain alive to cast hate on and on

Every scent of fear has warnings to remember
every echo in the thunder sends new calls
Watch your step between October and December
come the new year you will find blood upon the walls

The bullets make their way to form destruction
our world will face its end quite this style
Shattered dreams are just the truth of each obstruction
And for now they gather close around the Nile

Where a man has died for being strong and bold
as he walks in dignity toward heavenís halls
Here will rest the lasting signs of regal talent
near the death marks of the blood upon the walls

There once was someone singing to the masses
he asked for peace with grand imagination
His soul now gone, and body only ashes
the victim of a lost foolís situation

Beware of winterís frost and autumnís browning
the simple sound of nature soon enthralls
When the seasons change and smiling lips are frowning
be assured itís only blood upon the walls

There comes a day when you will seek for glory
the promised land which shows the best of times
Reality may tell a different story
itís not for us to live between the lines

And the optimist will spend his days believing
while tomorrow speaks of destiny that crawls
For wherever love is found
beneath the evening

Scarlet morning waits with blood upon the walls

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