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Keep Hope In Jesus Alive

Keep Hope In Jesus Alive

Fast food & the celebration of guns
The wandering wizard with the king & queens who run
Who sets the bar on society's perfect standard
Tragedy amidst the biggest calamity

We fall but soon we arise to get up
With all the hate news today just makes me want to throw up
Search your heart along with your soul
This is not some good time Charlie with the heavy rock & roll

Keep hope in Jesus alive don't run away & hide
The casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's atrocious
Send the troops home no reason for them to roam
With riots having blood shed in our streets

Bus driver please lend me an ear
The faithful children are getting lost let me make this clear
Shattered dreams plotting evil schemes in the land of mean
Yet sitting back and doing nothing is not the option

Put on the whole armor of Christ that you will be able to stand
Learn to listen to the small still voice from the masters hand
Don't fall back into the sea of desolation in a sullen visitation
The land where cash is king let your freedom bell ring

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