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Fallen Hero's

Fallen Hero's

With loving words expressed along the pathway
We seek the love that was once shared amidst the sadness
A long host of memories flood the halls of the high school
Along comes a grenade at the head full of lead
Chasing back the fears from out of the heart swell
Laughter can be the best medicine when your in the trenches
Leaves fallen outside mark the iced filled green dew
We as a nation have bitten off far more then we could chew
It's a voluntary service to guard the great U.S.A.
At night we humbly hang our heads then bow the knee to pray
Fallen hero's behind the enemy line in the shade
A sirene blasts this could be the end of the age
A token of jest to an unwelcome land in unrest
They say that time heals wounds to pass the ultimate test
Mark the one who would be willing in which to explore
A painted fence the traffic of sincere onlooker's arise in battle
Let's salute the men & women who have gone before us
Through open your loving hands and join the heavenly chorus
Become a beacon of light to a much hurting world in need
While the world outside today is swallowed up in much greed
Fallen hero's exposed to the elements out of love
Shatter the logic that says a gun for hire for it's are one desire
A hero is just a loser that falls yet gets up again
Searching for a destination in which to live to explain
Sons of thunder is it any wonder we got too much time on are hands
Salute our nations hero's next time you see them my friend

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