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 A Little look Into Chaos Dark Poetry 8/15/2012
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 Slay The Final Dragon Dark Poetry 12/9/2011
 Backdoor Man Fantasy Poems 11/28/2011
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Within solace a port toward deliverance
With great beauty masked apathy
In life unite are hearts as one,
To mask a laugh that long football pass

To smile a dream such an evil scheme

One hand to hold a heart will mend;
Out of sadness less will tragic,
Perhaps in a new beginning again

Through a life filled with much pain

Amidst sadness in its inner gain

We walk alone still whose to blame?

To travel a road amidst whose to say;
A love to behold in search of heaven;
Shattered dreams searching its idol stay
Gone are the days I used to frolic in way

We are their only hope

Through tears of sadness felt sinners

We are the only hope for them to see
A blade of grass out on its winding sea
Twisted in disbelief;
In times of quiet reflection from cavity

Many will call out to the wind to depend

Outside there are wolves in search of cry
Through pain with laughter flirt tears
In search of blood after many years
A band of gypsy soldiers passing by

The cry from an orphan in briar's.

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