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Crack A Bad Apple

nature lies dormant amidst its becking plough
society is blind you see so I need poetry to face reality
to digress in languished thoughts of muse
life is a puzzle taking each piece to fit
a carefree way to an honest flower bouquet
each of us exists in one form or another
one needs a shoulder to cry as time passes by
moments shaped in the very fabric of thought
you buy your five dollar chicken at Costco
time heals wounds yet time waits for no man
let the reader understand that God has an ultimate plan

Crack a bad apple as each episode unfolds going ever deeper then before
there lies an opened door by which to humbly explore
there is a direct correlation between that of heaven & hell
yet I have a very good story to tell
ivy briars twist and turn
along the path of cobblestone alone in the night
choose humble brevity better then living by sight
Crack a bad apple if your able on the table
use a heavy knife to get inside
watch as the apple will peal
many play a game in life of lets make a deal
yet who are they anyways as I bow my head to pray

think of a rainbow with colors exposed
vast illumination of colors which permeate from within
sullen brevity in a quest to never leave
in the end we shall all see what we had achieved

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