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Five Newest Poems By Mario William Vital

The Chosen
in a little while
then I shall be no more
with each tender mire
leaves across the floor,

leaves out on the parlor
coffee in the frig
a box filled with chocolates
a note telling you how to live

the willingness to forgive

Patience Until Summer

we wait for the winter chill to end
falling on the arms of a faithful friend
the willingness to be no end
shadows block the memory

each step that I take
can't be retraced
a loving satin laced
perfume amidst decadance

the shallow pools resolve

The Fragrance Of The Timberwolf

occupy til I come
a blade of grass is formed
through tyrants rant of yesterday's advance
to help you get along

strong is the tongue that sets on fire a world made torn
curse the day you were actually born
the parting sky to a faint lulabye
a reprise to be learned

another page is turned

Sweet Anabele Lee

fancy and free
the way is she
my sweet Anabele Lee
her face was slim

in place of her offering
you mad a friend
in sweet Anabele Lee
she cherished a rose

that was plucked a time before
with quaint laughter to appease
start spreading its disease
through a doorway portal fill with cobblestone

she walk alone hopeful
through Lavender hue upon her brow
a sweet delicate shawl
she dances in a ring of fire

yet throws of each challenge with a shrug

Quaint Tapestry

sweet ambiance torn red
thoughts within my head
look at the story now read
your as good as dead

filter through a song of granduer
shadows block the vortex
wallow in the midnight mire
seek a gun for hire

the twist of the hand makes you understand

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