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Slay The Final Dragon

Nearer to the onslaught of a vision in my mind
The darkened tunnel amidst the gloom of dred,
With the final appearance of a Wizard of Warlock
The sounds of haunt have filled the dungeon

Slay the final dragon
In longing through sore vex appeal
Stregnth in numbers or no bad deal
The blood dripping corpse on the side of torment

In fragments alive the vessel will quiver through its silent sliver within
The shatter of faint glass appeal
The production of toys set in boils
In time a warrant to question the reason why

A peril of sort,
No choice of compromise or no remorse
In chosen vestibules taunted by the fragmentation of my mind
In silent lucidity the venom pours out fine
Grafted in the serpants head

Awake to the noise feeling almost dead!
To slay the final dragon?
Perhaps it was Roniie James Dio who had said it best?

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