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Home Sweet Hell

Home Sweet Hell

What on earth am I search for my keys through every corridor
The clock on the wall read stop but I kept going with my business
Shadows break forth only to produce a home sweet hell
Now I got a great story to tell

When will we ever learn when one soul soars the other will burn
Frantic from the ambiance that was fashioned from within
Class was ending soon & I needed to drop a few things off in my locker
Borrowed pews now sing the blues as with some of our fools

It's the no it all's that won't make it very far
You will have to give a call to Paul who so frequently meets at the bar
One day it's gloomy on the home front story built on glory
Another time it's a different story

Sadness fills my fragile egg shelled eyes
Does this notion of thought come at a big enough surprise
There is nick knacks missing on the shelf at home
Must have been taken away to where the buffalo roam

It's home sweet hell in the game of life amidst the strife
One must begin again to get the spice of life
Shattered dreams filled up with it's morning glory change of story
Nothing knew change the mood while I wear my blue sway shoes

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