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Through Flourescent Eyes

Beneath the sod the Earth does tread
In the natural extent their was always thought's inside my head/
Throughout violet fluorescent eyes
We vividly see through a tiny lens;
Then the portal appears
Grafted in once again
With stone upon the waterfront
You could only see through delicate eyes/
That winsome smile of the child
A haunted call of the wild/
We wrote a nice song on the soft lined parchment paper
While loaded with melancholy fear/
No one ever shed a tear ?

Then the Earth began to shake ?

In this fast paced life of the give and take/
Through delicate fluorescent eyes

I began to see a modest reflection
Some may have transformed into an angel of light ?
Amidst the journey toward our papal flight !
Yet through prayer there develops a bit of peace/

We will slowly learn to turn over a brand new leaf,
Bow the knee to the heavenly chief
Leaving behind a life of monkey see to monkey do
Through the fluorescent eyes we can see all of those hidden lies/

It is for all of us to go forth to choose !

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