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The Lonely Cowboy

The Lonely Cowboy

I think I'll pack it in & buy a pickup head out to L.A.
A seed that I planted in this pile of debris has suddenly blown away
Borrowed pews to sing the blues while wearing blue suede shoes
We we look out on the range to see what needs to be done
The lonely cowboy goes undercover in a world full of feathers
A storm outside was brewing do you all know what your doing
His horse has discovered an exit stage left
Took a shovel out to lift up the cows chips
Looking outside he whistles a delightful tune
He sheds a single tear to help numb the pain
Outside in the rain while the coyotes would howl
The lonely cowboy would so often look to the horizon
The distant desert was barren next to the range
A whole host of buzzards would fly overhead what a scene
He's a drifter alone with no folks to help by any means
He lost his family in the great flood what a nervous regime
Could there be any hope for a dude hanging on a string
Suddenly the heavens explode to let freedom ring
Softly & delicately the cowboy sings a voice of rash circumstance
He prepares for the great dance that's right in front of him
Having a lone stray dog that he received as a young pup
The cowboy chooses to fade out of the scene

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