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Backdoor Man

In solemn tender voices in quaint responses torn

The laborer is gone from us & we have lost our turn,
A soul in preparation for its final destination;
Projected to the timeless chatter in soul survival
Warranted death pron ed in meager timeless violation

Posted as the reason for the trial in undone vegetation
We hate to do what is right amidst a chartered course;
In its developed shell tender mercy burn in hell
Violent ashes pron ed to silence the death!

Back door man approaches second choices
In sex torn to rubble
Make my Martini strong like on the double
The outside world scorned to major treason

Leaves no trace of remorse intact without any bit of reason;
The outlet of slaves pron ed in circumvent matters in decayed rats bitten with teeth
On the moment we were reluctant sore vexed pierced in utter Resistance
Pron ed in knives counted for dead many worried moments in my head;

The pier by ocean front property flashed before my fragile existence
A flight of birds overhead would soar as good as dead;
Honesty is the best policy when dealing with greed,
Then to notice the honest noble deed;

While the outside world just longs to see you bleed!
In a dozen red roses sore vexed in seeded dew
Chosen in late Autumn across the river drew;
A field of colorful decorated lights in scenic compromise

Longing to recapture a great here after
Pron ed to laughter the paddle with ball to shelter
Shallow hedges often leading causing trouble leaving to bleed in
Currents with variation of a dream harming;

In flight of fancy so very alarming yet often charming
The back door man is of a simple mind & plan
Through a variation of a dream
A challenge to be free is a question in time?

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