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The Ultimate Battle Royal !

With the ultimate hope to soften the blow..,
Let's get into a time machine to bring back all of wrestling's greats !
Andre The Giant, Super Fly Jimmy Snuka, The Grand Wizard, Bob Backland,
George 'The Animal' Steel, and Junk Yard Dogg !

Next, let us try to convey a real good deal !

Against the likes of :

Swede Hanson, The Black Dragon (Troy Bond), The Samoa-n's, Dusty Rhodes and Rowdy
Roddy Piper !
Not to mention, the likes of Cocoa Beware !
For some it meant not very much of mass hysteria..,

The special event !
A steel cage match...
To the pair of Barney Franks against Doctor Oz !

Barney was in an outrage over the fact that,
Doctor Oz had a most brilliant campaign against all fat people !
N.A.F.T.A , was in a tremendous cosmic frenzy..,
The obese community had been very insulted !

Then Doctor Oz had his mother in the audience ?
Hence, I repeat :
It's in the genes !
Nothing is as good as it may seem..,

Next you know,
Barney Franks throws a chair in the ring.. ?
Whacked Doctor Oz in his hair !

With none the worse for wear..,
Then The Great Elizabeth stood up on a chair ?
The end was in sight..,
For it must have left an awful fright !

With the Porno ,' Midget's' flipping the bill !

Who were all very eager to go...
This was in order to soften the blow.,
This Doctor Oz thinks he's something else !
Do you all suppose he will walk on water too ?

Better yet he may need a cold shower..,

After Barney Franks dis robe's ?
Suddenly a blond one legged midget,
Began to really fidget !
For it was none other then the famed Ivan Put-ski !

Along with Put ski was The Great Iron Sheik !
Yet for Put ski's sake,
He just needed to take a leak ?
Right on top of Doctor Oz's head !

See part II, for more to come !

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