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Jesus Alone Is Enough

Jesus Alone Is Enough
Through barrowed pews we get the news
A choice word spoken in the dark has come to the light
We walk on egg shells filtered through the evening news
The choice to either walk in the light or to sing the blues
Why are you wearing your Sunday best in those shoes
We fix our eyes on the make believe in what to achieve
Tell a story in the heart of a parting stranger in the night
To clap our hands gladly toward the end of the sermon
Chatter box among us in their fragmented form
Some would even bother to curse the day they were born
You can search for treasure out at the midnight mile
Yet to know all the great while that Jesus alone is enough
In our 21st century world in quite a rush
If you can perceive it then you will achieve it with your mind
Searching for love in all the wrong places filtered traces
With cold hearts and ego's soaring into the wind
There's no better friend then him
For he walked in are shoes over 2,000 years ago to see
The laughter of a passing few who would sing a sweet homily
Jesus alone is enough cause the world outside is very rough
To love is better then not to at all
Hence there's no use looking back when your hand is on the plough
Sharpen your pencils to write a nice message with warm lines
Look to the future with his awesome love that binds
For love has gained it also has lost humanities power & cost
Let's look above to the heavenly love in order to discover

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