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Jesus Take The Wheel

Welcome to society in its latest stage of fright
Forget the night for the day is quite plausible spent
In regards to a rash in sensitivity equated logical persuasion
In the light of eternal sphere we still shed our tears

Instead of grief we are turning over a brand new leaf sought per tragedy

A merchant in delusional function with a temporal conquest;
Within a vast regime of uncertainty we stake our claim
The world outside today is totally insane
Pulled back in violation pron ed to fear

For I shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain
Frantic by the uncertainty in its etched swell
Some have become complacent in their tendency to live in their frightened Hell
Shattered dreams filtered means when in doubt plausible scheme

A viable approach to where we need to go further in its quest
A given chance by which to enter into God's eternal rest
In steep appease we are left falling on our knees
A world today in so much in a hurry & rush

We push through its internal excursion of fatal appease
We are still feeling its disease/
Shattered fragments on its parchment floor
lest I shall implore another venture to recourse

Jesus take the wheel
Where as others have claimed its no big deal
Shattered glass on the parchment floor
Another episode filled with visions galore!

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