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Through A Stillness In The Wind

Through a stillness in the wind

Shadows close through its timeless chatter
Hence, the days to pause with the thought of simple laughter
In the grip of the hand which had planted the ancient seed
A hero is one who instills a noble deed

What is the basis for your inner world view intact
Such as working too hard can give you a heart attack
Through noble torn rhetoric circumstance
Through a stillness in the midnight air in fact

A given chance at which to humbly depend
The wind again blows through creations leaves
Love, like warmth, should beam forth on every side
Then bend to every necessity of our fellow brothers

A true brother should be a humble enough lover
Through a stillness in the wind
May this notion always depend
The creative process out of the individual at hand;

Should stem from the inner most portion of the human gut inside
In verdant pastures he gives me repose
Through plush green meadows filled with some sort of obscure truth
We rape & pillage our land then call it justifiable

In fact it's just the opposite being much too extreme
While living in the big city lights on its social scene,
Through a stillness in the wind & then...
One needed only pause nor hesitate to begin over again;

A lone single rose had been plucked
A time ago for parting sea men who set sail
In widows scorn pride & rebellion
With revolution present on the scene

We silence those who fly in the flame of liberality
Then its thinkers with long hanging whiskers
Loud music in tow as some classic Twisted Sister
Lying silent then still in the awe of death

Having long hanging vile yet viscous fangs that bite
Through wings of silver in flight
Shadows close again & that is it for my pen
As in nature's demise

One word to the wise
Be forever vigilant in determining what is that of truth
We can become very sincere
Yet far too many time we can
'If anxiety is fear of losing control,
That breathing is an involuntary reflex
That can be put on voluntary over ride;
Then perhaps consciously taking control of breathe brings a sense of over all control. '

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