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A Call For Morality

A Call For Morality

It used to mean something to hold open a door for your neighbor
Old school principles have been long forgotten now it's just hate
We looked up to hero's such as Roy Rogers & John Wayne
Values have been swept under the rug not to be appeared again
Such as helping out at your local soup kitchen & church
We base our morality today on what hollywood says to do
Perhaps we have bitten off far more then we could chew
Put the toilet seat down for the ladies in the house
Have the cap fastened tight on the toothpaste
Little things still mean a lot yet there fading away
Talk to your children of morality & ethical principles
Search for the hidden treasures in the scriptures
We can be a voice as a beacon of hope to a hurting world
Keep the golden your to love your neighbor as you would your self
Remember to love & obey your parents
Help the widow then come to the orphans in there distress
You can make a big difference in life by shining your light bright
Pray for the inner boldness to help make the big difference
There is many things you can do to show your faith in action
The ultimate choice is up to you to practice these basics principles
Search for truth with all your might cause you have every right to know

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