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One Toke Over The Line

One Toke Over The Line

A voice is being heard not of the absurd
We bask in the vast ambiance of a spiritual quest
All along wanting to enter sweet rest
One toke over the line sweet Jesus from your design
We call a cab for the drunkard in the gutter
Is it any wonder we have to much time on our hands
A fine line is being drawn in the sand
The plot of land now grows with a stream all a glow
Shattered glass promised to shake your dreams
To boldly go where no man has gone before
The stained glass window with mother mary & sweet Jesus
One toke over the line is in full view nothing knew
Share the love out of heaven from above
Mark the man who will be willing to explore
Like a mouse that is stuck inside it's maze
Shattered dreams evil schemes filtered through it's means
The morning has broken the prophets have spoken
As snap shot memories from our past having fun that it will last
Let's celebrate the inner sound of silence among the resistance
Eyes with darkened spots all alone in it's tradition
The sign post up ahead read stop but I kept going
Through destined dreams of a love that's real
One toke over the line is the chief aim of this song

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