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Mack The Fork

Mack The Fork

Take me back to the wholesome days by the back porch swing
Long to recapture those timeless moments let the freedom ring
Many years have passed still having a reason to grasp
The lemonade stand with the fork in the middle
Now I'm stuck at second base having a pickle in the middle
Calm me down with a face left in a frown
Clowns to the left of me Mack to the right
Out of sight blazing saddles was such a fright
When Mack the fork came into town a solemn moment in thought
Shadows gleam while people would scream in search of ice cream
Straight through the barren cliffs in search of blood we get the drift
Those sweet moments we traced a chance at romance with date
The lying tongue will soon get swept away by a soft parade
Love in it's charm we all must seek to sound the alarm
Filter through the mountain as to purify the water
Those crazy days getting lost in a purple haze
You wake up late & say it's going to be one of those days
There will never be another quite like his kind
The maker or creator of this vast design
Come with me through this passage of time
That's it for this pen & so is the rhyme.

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