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Breakfast At Beverly's

A sweet fragrant smell of delicate roses

The kind that would very often tickle your noses
With a dash of perfume a mystique of musk
Within peace of mind their may derive a thought
Still one's inner soul can't ever be bought

A solace reminder to have a peaceful day

Within taking a solemn vow by which to pray
Through inner solace one may derive a lasting meaning
How do raindrops feel against the common dew

On the morn,

A time to honestly reflect when a young child is born
Poets explore the boundaries of metaphor

With Breakfast at Beverly's

A romantic encounter to help light the inner flame
Often a poet will examine a way in which images convey
Amidst a reflection on the midday sun
Still a given way to have a bit of fun

In my inner flame their burns a hidden desire
Will there ever be any hope for me
Perhaps it's best until I just wait until tomorrow
Let us discover a new found talent to display

With that of Vi tale code of silence

This has nothing do do with any violence !

Vi tale will take you by force,
Having breakfast at Beverly's
There is no need for a divorce
Right next to the stone white horse
He has a way with words a style that nobody seems to have ?

A passion so very intense with a hidden desire for jazz

Then they kicked him and he went down
Yet you will never see him painting the town
Clearer heads had prevailed
Have breakfast at Beverly's or else you may wind up dead !

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