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If The Constitution Should Crumble

Charles Manson wanted to start the race war but he died
Malcom X was philosphical in his approach to civil right
Martin Luther King Jr did his amazing thing
Trump wants to build a wall that know it all
but i'm going old school on you to the days of Thomas Jefferson
there was never anny second guessing to what they were professing
our founding fathers stood for freedom but today we see it another way
no one takes the time out to ever bow the knee to pray
Some for the sake of choice kill their innocent in the mothers womb
I'm 47 and it still hurts to clean my room
in borrowed basement rules their stands out a jewel
David Karesh in Waco Texas & Jim Jones in Jones Town

if the constitution should crumble like Fred was with Barney Rubble
Russia is in our scope but Russia couldn't cop

we need to stand for the flag not be the fag
It's our God given right to confide in our senators, legislators & government officials.
Mark the one willing to arise to the occasion and be brave in service to the greatest country USA
look Mark Spitz in the eye for his many gold medals
put the peddle to the metal
if the constitution should crumble at least we have each other

George Washington planted a tree in spite of the mockery
living out his legacy we got fields of hip hop scenes
Kanye West with his bipolar being put to the test
lest I rest in the biggest contest known to man you all understand
It's your God given right to pledge the American flag stand up & be counted

ever since the playing field on Ellis Island to teach us all a lesson start professing
Our dear lady shines brighter ever present on a crystal cool day to parade
in spite of all our differences we could put our faith in action
I'm asking that we come together no matter what the weather
let us stake our claim and treasure the works to surrender
it's in the faint of song or the young fawn on the lawn
the part at which we all belong is the name of that song

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