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Through Solace There's A Lesson

sound fetters trace the climax
to what we have been waiting for
life is an open road map for you to follow
in nature we could long to capture a true lesson
forgetting the pain with bias to strain
we graduate from age to age
only to discover which clear way to wonder
in solitude we develop a keen sense of togetherness
shallow peaks mark the man willing to explore
the vast expanse in the opened door

as such with the Willow Tree faint & embodied
we gravitate toward mountains with a ceiling of vast design
each of us can soar as high as the eagle fly
through solace there's a lesson
is there something I'm forgetting
the message of love can send shivers
through the spine of the wanting & needy
this is what we are willing to achieve
a timeless quest to get down on your knees
look at the bumble bee in pursuit for its nectar

get captivated with a smile cause we know all the while
a child is lost without family & friends
the willing source by which to depend
out of common courtesy one is open for suggestion
as such as two lovers plunge in the arms of each other
the plunder of conquest as all of life being a test
ruthless tyrants that run a muke
if we pause deep enough for a solution
to build are hearts on its restitution
mend your ways this much I pray
couldn't have it in any other way

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